#68: Stevie Wonder ‘Overjoyed’

This will be the third time Stevie is mentioned on our countdown and is it any wonder (zing)? He's probably the greatest songwriter of our time. Few (and this includes his peers) are able to reach into a listener's soul the way he does and touch every single emotion objective to the composition. Listening to a Stevie Wonder song, particularly this one, is to feel like you are surrounded by light and love. He's a magician that way.

"Overjoyed" was originally intended for Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants, but was thankfully salvaged for In Square Circle. In Stevie's hands, an idea as typical as pining and planning for your true love is so overwhelmingly beautiful it's damn-near otherworldly. The arrangement is at once careful and gentle, then evolves into something that soars, making the listener feel victorious as if the goal has been achieved. But, in the end, there is only hope, and the refusal to let the odds dictate romance's course. The words alone can make the most jaded player break down and cry.


4 Responses

  1. After every 90's heartbreak I used to play this song on repeat in the dark while burning incense. Classic.

  2. I don't know if it's the lyrics, his voice, the music, or a combination of all three. But it does not matter what song, if it's Stevie, it always makes me feel good. I can't name a popular artist that makes me feel that way today, Can anyone else? I guess he's just special like that!

  3. I am a Steveland Stan and am quite proud to trumpet that !. nOvaMatic I would not be mad at you if you created a entry on Steveland every day for the next 2 years. His music is that good and I must have listened to the Rocket Love post 7-8 times.. Here's what's so cool about that, I never knew that he said "You dropped my black ass back down to this cold world" at 3:48 in the song. LOL What can be said about Overjoyed here's what comes to mind, Magical, Great, Beautiful, Hopeful, Love, Timeless,.. This in my opinion is one of the best songs of all times. Period

  4. This is my favorite favorite line, that almost brings me to tears every time is....I've come much to far for me now to find, the love that I saught can never be beautiful Stevie.


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