#72: Rufus & Chaka ‘Do You Love What You Feel?’

masterjam.jpgWhat would our countdown be without this little ditty produced by one Quincy Jones? Rufus & Chaka's "Do You Love What You Feel" can still turn a party out, coming in with a bpm of 120 that allows DJs to blend it in and out of Dance sets with ease. It comes from the Masterjam album, which saw the return of Khan to Rufus after the Chaka-free Numbers didn't live up to the band's earlier success. Full disclosure: Chaka is one of my favorite screamers. Her powerhouse vocals paired with the track's funky percussion and requisite "disco whistle" easily makes this one of the best feel-good tracks of the late '70s and a current favorite that is still in my own personal rotation.

If this song doesn't make you dance, you have no pulse.

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8 Responses

  1. I was wondering when this was gonna show up on the countdown. This is really one of my favorite songs. Its so contagious and it just makes you feel good!

  2. This really made my day!
    Do you of my favorite albums.

  3. Yo -- this is one of my all time favorites. Glad to see you added it here.

  4. Chaka is one of my favorite screamers too. And I'm late- I had no idea Rufus had so many white members. Go figure...

  5. Chaka was doing it in those glitterific pink shorts.

  6. Chaka is one of my favorite screamers, too.

  7. Chaka is one of my favorite screamers.
    I'd like to know who else is on the list. LOL!
    "I wanna dance all nighhhhht!" Exactly.
    Did you see how Chaka kicked that leg up?! I bet she wishes she could still do that. Hell, I wish I could still do that.

  8. This track stays on the Nano!


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