Amanda Diva Needs Your Help


Life as an independent artist is challenging enough without life kicking in and serving you up a healthy dose of reality. Sadly, Amanda Diva got a taste of real life when her purse got stolen last night, and that's after getting into a car accident last weekend. (Damn, yo.) Diva posted a blog this morning detailing the ordeal and everything that she lost:

Hey folks. This is really not
my week. I got in a car accident last weekend and last night my purse
was stolen with my ipod, phones, camera, wallet, ticket to the Roots
& Erykah Badu, basically my life. Contrary to popular belief, I am
FAR from rich. But I need those things to continue to forward movement
of my business. The phones for obvious reasons, the camera is how I
shoot a lot of DivaSpeak TV and if you're a music lover, ESPECIALLY if
you're an artist,a you completely understand how difficult it is to
live without an ipod. So, if you were thinking bout buyin "Life
Experience" off my Myspace page, or a hand-painted bag, or mixtape, or
print hopefully the spirit will move you today to purchase an item from
DivaWorks to bring some goodness to you and also help me get back in
the swing of things. Hope this finds everybody well.

As anyone who has ever had their purse/bag/backpack/luggage stolen can attest, this seriously blows. I speak from experience and can truly feel her pain. I just saw Amanda over the weekend in Philly where she held it down as emcee for the Black Lily Film & Music Festival awards ceremony/concert and blessed the audience with a few songs. Her performance (video after the bounce) was so impressive that I went ahead and bought her Life Experience CD after the show. In the event that it's not yet a part of your collection, now would be the time to add it. Diva is also a visual artist with some stunning original artwork for sale on her MySpace page just in time for Mother's Day. So get some Amanda Diva in your life and hook a sista up at the same time.

Even a "Supa-Woman" needs a little help sometimes.

Amanda Diva [Official][MySpace][Blogspot][YouTube]

Amanda Diva: "Supa-Woman" Live @ the 2008 Black Lily Film & Music Festival

Amanda Diva: "Windows Over Harlem" Live @ the 2008 Black Lily Film & Music Festival

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6 Responses

  1. man, i seen her on the subway the other day i was starin at her for like 30 mins cause she looked so damn familiar! anyway, this girl got real talent and a great personality. I hope everything works out for her.

  2. Ya'll joking right? I mean we havent solved who killed Biggie or Pac but you want us humble soulbounce readers to go out and play CSI NY to find a damn purse? 🙂 Butta page Grisom ASAP! i'm a find Warrick and Nick, we are on the case!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yeah right:)

  3. Just peeped her CD and website, baby doll is nice with hers....but I aint still aint playing Hardcastle and Mcormick to find her lost bag:)

  4. Stoney, what are you talkin bout, bruh? I'm really going to need you to read and comprehend next time. Aint nobody say to hunt down Diva's stolen purse Law & Order style. As she said on her blog and as I reiterated in this one, she isn't rich and needs folks to buy her product. And having purchased her CD last week and seen her artwork up close, I can attest that it's worth the investment. So instead of playing Sherlock Homeboy and trying to find her purse, just reach into yours and buy a little sumthin sumthin.

  5. Amanda's very talented artist, I purchase two of
    her hand painted bags..omg both are beautiful very
    colorful. all should check-out her Art, it's Dope!
    and her Music is Dope. real talent.

  6. Amanda Diva's, not rich and she's not poor, Yo! on line is perfect spot to ask for Help, plus she seems, to be cool down for ya homie as long as you stand for something real good she be down for the cause,but its amazing she don't smoke! damn she should her vibe would be stronger in writing, singing, rapping, painting, all that


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