An Open Letter to the Artist Formerly Known For Starring in Broadway’s ‘The Color Purple’

fantasia_bigred.jpgDear Fantasia,

Let me start this by saying how much I love you. Seriously. People have called me Stan-tasia behind my back at times. Yours was the only season I ever voted for any contestant on the current travesty formerly known as American Idol. Heck, I even had my mother voting for you numerous times each week (and have the phone bill receipts to prove it) after that tear-inducing, emotional one-minute, thirty-second masterpiece that was your version of "Summertime" from Porgy & Bess. I raced out and bought your debut CD, Free Yourself, and subsequently wrote a glowing review.

I loved you on Broadway, and even played host to many out-of-towners who planned their entire weekends in New York around seeing you do your thang-thang as Celie during your wildly successful extended run in Oprah's money machine adaptation of the Alice Walker novel. I immediately fell in love with the track "When I See You" from your second, self-titled CD, with it going down as one of my absolute favorite songs from last year. 

I anxiously awaited your latest visit to the reality show from the moment I read you were going to perform. And then... last night happened. You showed up and out. The hair, the indecipherable lyrics, the body suit, the dude that seemed quarantined from the rest of the performance, the backup singers/dancers that had legs for days (wait, I actually LOVED them!)... I honestly don't know where to go from here. I need you to tell me that performance of "Bore Me (Yawn)" was, unlike your Lifetime movie, indeed a fairytale. The look on Simon's face sums it up perfectly. Maybe, when you read this, we can sit down together and play back your performance, and you can introduce me to the dancers help me sort things out. Keep me on the Barrino bandwagon. I really, really need that. OK?

With Love,


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  1. What in the holy hell? I heard it was bad. I just didn't know it was THAT bad.

  2. Harlem, you feel my pain! Some of that pink dye must have went to her brain cells. I rep that girl to the point where I look foolish. I bought both of her cds. Yet, for every step she takes forward, she takes at least 50 back. I firmly believe her "image" or Beyonce (i kid) is what held her back from getting the dreamgirls part (she had Jamie pushing for her hard). She breaks my heart everytime. She was on track to be compared to the greats if only she had better writing. Now she has been supplanted by Keyshia Cole.
    She tops "my artists who can do better list". Why does she feel need to prove she is down (looking at Monica too)? Somebody please give her an intervention before she becomes the next Lil Mo.
    Oh yeah, you guys might want to revoke my posting privileges I went to the Alicia Keys concert last night. She was so boring. The only concert I have been where folks where sitting the majority of the time. Yes, since I was at the concert I tivoed Fantasia, I am not afraid to admit it.
    Harlem I stand in full solidarity behind you.

  3. I know there was so much you had to stop, Harlem. But can I add this on thing, the so called dance moves were HORRIBLE! OMG, when they cut to Simon, I had the exact look on my face as he did! I love Tasia cause she's a Carolina girl like me, but she did not represent us well in that performance. BOO!

  4. Fantasia is like that drunk Aunt Neicey that shows up to family gatherings and starts fights with your mom because she "stole her man" and knocks over Helenora's lemon cake. And then cries because she realizes she's the one that effed up the party.

  5. hahahah@ nova....but you love that crazy aunt anyway

  6. I don't care what anybody says, Fantasia did the damn thing last night! In this current age of BORING, cookie-cutter R&B performers who seemingly follow trends (both musically and professionally) & those that have to pull out a breast, give a lap dance, or kiss another chick on-stage to keep their audiences' attention, it's refreshing to see a performer do something that comes NATURAL & not so "by the book." We haven't really seen the likes of an entertainer with as much SOULFUL artistry, integrity, and energy as Fantasia since Patti Labelle or Tina Turner. Last night was the first time in YEARS I got excited about a TELEVISED musical performance--on 'American Idol' at that!
    I think people have grown so accustomed to the Beyonces, Rhiannas, Keyshia Coles, & Ashantis in the industry that when you have a TRUE talent & energy (that's very reminiscent of past soul singers) the masses don't know how to interpret it. Just like they didn't "get" James Brown, Tina Turner, Patti Labelle, (etc) when they first introduced their trademark nuances to the world. I mean, Patti rocked that "fan" hair in the 80's, James rocked a perm, & Tina had the lion's mane. Let Fantasia be the artist she wants to be! The girl's a rare gem in our generation & a legend in the making. A true showman---sorry--show-WOMAN!

  7. Didn't y'all pan my girl Teresa on this site before?

    Fantasia Barrino, Idol '04, performs, singing her heart out in a funky jumpsuit. She's got fuchsia hair. She gets the Ikettes -- or at least, they look like the Ikettes -- singing and grinding and flinging their hair around. She's whooping and hollering, gritty and greasy, stomping out in the audience and scaring all the white girls. She's got a James Brown take-it-to-the-bridge guitar thing going on.

    But in the force field of inertia and calculated wholesomeness that is "Idol," it's as if she's been put on mute. Even so, Fantasia's performance is way grittier, far more spontaneous, than anything else on the show.

  8. can't believe I missed the copy & paste on:
    "Simon looks terrified. And that alone, folks, is worth the price of admission."

  9. Ummm...I'm not sure what to say. I just know I had the same look on Simon's face after watching this performance.

  10. Uh...but why did I kinda like it, though? I mean, I actually understood her for the most part and it kinda makes me want to hear the actual song. It has a rock edge that I hope that doesn't get lost in the studio recording. And she's going rock-style, I'm SO DOWN!

  11. Tasia went Sista Red Ridin Hood on AI and the Big Bad Wolf couldn't do nothing but look! I'm not even a big Tasia fan, but Miss Highpoint rocked that stage! Tow'wit UP! She shoulda been up on stage with Tina at the Grammies. I thought she was all hooched out or somethin' after reading the posted reviews ...BEFORE I watched the video. Maybe the red hair threw somma yall off, I dunno! I may just click on over to and order her project after I click "submit"!

    • GO FANNY!!! DO YOUR THANG MOMMA!!! I'm not mad at all.. Fanny tore that stage up... She came in ..She ROCKED IT.. then she walked off... I doubt that stage has ever witnessed that much energy in all the years of AI..

  12. Ummmm, I have never been a big Fannie Mae fan, but WTH was that??? I won't take away from the energy on stage, but what in God's name was ANYBODY singing in that song? My father would have bopped me upside my head with a spatula if'n he'd eveh heard me singing and slurring my words like that!! Lawd lawd lawd!!! I have far less to say about the crazy hair and jumpsuit than that mealy-mouthed vocalizing. And before some of you go there, braces are no excuse.

  13. I didn't see anything wrong with her hair at all. But that performance produced this reaction from me ???, I couldn't even watch the entire thing cause I was that ....shocked?! lol

  14. I know I'm late .... but OMG! Finally, you guys have put up a story about Fantasia! When I first found this site I loved it because it seemed like you guys liked real music and real artists. The kind of stuff I like. But I was confused after coming here for a while and not seeing much if anythihg about my personal favorite Fantasia. I almost emailed you guys in an angry rant asking why there wasn't more discussion about her on this site. wtf? You say you are a stan/fan but I could never tell. Honestly I stopped coming to the site as often because of it.
    Hey love the performance (as many people did) or hate it (as many did) it has people talking about Fantasia again. You can't deny her artistry. Thank you Fantasia for taking a risk (just take it down a notch or two the next time you gon' be on tv, k baby!) lol
    And btw, ask around Simon loved it. As did the audience. I think it was just a shock to see it on live tv. I can't wait for the tour. I'll be front and center acting a fool right along with her crazy ass!
    end rant

  15. I thought that song was dope, don't know what y'all are talking about.. of course Simon "Sir Nose" Cowell didn't like it, he's afraid of the funk!

  16. she took em back to church. you know simon is the son of satan so he couldn't get down like that. we'll just call that one her tribute to james brown. AI ain't had no flava like that country girl since.

  17. This is a GREAT site!!! I really ENJOY everything about it! Glad The URBAN BLOGGER is shining the SPOTLIGHT on U!!!

  18. This is a GREAT site!!! I really ENJOY everything about it! Glad The URBAN BLOGGER is shining the SPOTLIGHT on U!!!


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