Are You Ready for MTV’s ‘Hottest MCs in the Game’?

Who better than MTV to tell us who the hottest MCs of 2008 are? Last year they conducted a roundtable with otherwise qualified MTV producers, correspondents and editors branded "The Hip Hop Braintrust," who used the following qualifiers to determine their Top 10. One of them, sadly, is "swagger":

...we decided to break down what's going on today--as in not now,
but right now! We looked at the work of the most prominent MCs of the
past year or so and factored in the following: straight-up skills,
success (both musical and entrepreneurial), impact on the game and
swagger: an MC's cool factor and how they carry themselves on and off

To be sure, any "Hip Hop" that lands on MTV's radar is bound to be some straight-up trash. Check out last year's list with my comments after the bounce.

  • [10] Jim Jones: Based on the above algorithm, I could see why. Not.
  • [9] Common: They only put him on here so people like me wouldn't complain. I see you, MTV.
  • [8] 50 Cent: This surely followed a phonecall in which Tony Yayo threatened the children of MTV staff.
  • [7] Jay-Z: This was on the strength of Kingdom Come?
  • [6] Young Jeezy: He was boring and irrelevant when he came out and he still is. Next!
  • [5] Kanye West: I can't deal with her right now.
  • [4] Andre 3000: Andre has always been a dope performer and lyricist, but the Andre 3000 of 2007? Yeah, we're still waiting for "2 Dope Boyz in a Cadillac Part Deux."
  • [3] The Game: All jokes aside, The Game is pretty dope, musically. But he's kind of a douche.
  • [2] T.I.: Hell, why not? Even I liked him at some point. FREE T.I.!!!! Sike.
  • [1] Lil Wayne: I'm almost certain he'll earn the top spot again this year. It's no secret that everyone thinks Weezy is the second coming of Christ. I just laugh at him.

So, 80% of last year's list was based on who made the news, who threw a temper tantrum, who was jail-bound, and who, in general, just wouldn't shut up. Way to go MTV, for perpetuating the notion that a Hip Hop artist's imaging and ability to make music bloggers froth at the mouth has more bearing on their relevance than any actual skill and originality. Now play a video.

The 2008 Edition kicks off this Friday. Be very afraid. Also, are there any true MCs even left in the mainstream? Discuss.

Hottest MCs In The Game 2008 [MTV]

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11 Responses

  1. MTV is a joke.Lil Wayne is a joke to me, talks about NOTHING and he somehow the hottest rapper out now.I had to take back and think "Is this what it really come down to now?"

  2. Negroes been hollering about Papoose for sooo long...but all he did was marry another D-Lister Remy Ma....
    Maybe they'll pick Soulja Boy or Weebie this year since they so wack!

  3. No, I'm not ready for MTV to tell me the Hottest MC's in the game.
    I may never be ready.

  4. I might as as far as mainstream rap..hmmm can't really think of any, but I do like Ludacris, he's decent. *scratch head* ummmmm

  5. I swear if Soulja Boy is on this list, I'm blocking MTV from my cable lineup...

  6. true mc's still left in the mainstream? I'd second the mention of Luda and also throw in Busta.

  7. mothereffing black thought is one of the illest emcees ever. and with 'rising down' in stores, its relevant to include him.

  8. Forgot Lupe. He's popular and dope.
    And while I personally believe that Black Thought is one of the best emcees in hip-hop history, probably top 10, he's by no means in the mainstream. Most kids on that Weezy/Jeezy/T-Peezy couldn't pick Black Thought out of a police lineup.

  9. I have nothing of value to add to this discussion other than waving my MLK church fan at Huny and Stylus. The two times I've seen BT perform live, I literally stood there in awe. It takes a LOT for an MC to impress me because I'm not a hip hop head...anymore. FEW can touch him.

  10. Let's get it straight right now.. Black Thought WILL NOT MAKE THE LIST. Forget it. Write it off. Take a picture cause it will last longer. Why you ask? Because he is in a group, this was the most disqualifying factor against him last year.
    Second, MTV is thriving on controversial issues to stay relevant. I remember vividly last year asking why was "swagger" a F(*^king factor and what in the crap it had to do with skills - Which I note they DID NOT factor into who was the hottest.
    that said I think I can pick the top half of the list
    1 Lil' Wayne - the lust for this dude up there almost to the point openly wanting to be Baby to get a kiss
    2. Jay-Z - lets face it American Gangster + his position from last year will get him in a good debate for the #1 spot
    3. Lupe - This will be the vote that makes or breaks them
    4. 50 Cent - and this is why.. can they pick Lupe a newcomer to the list over Fiddy?? Oh the manufactured drama..
    5. T.I. - Usually here I would say Nas would be a shoe-in with an album about to drop but.. I fear he might not even make the list and they ade it very plain last year they will show anti-east coast bias at every oppurtunity. That and frankly its a respectful choice
    Left to fight it out -
    Andre 3000 - cause he made the list last year and his remix verses are that strong.
    The Game - certified nut or not they need to show the west coast some love
    Snoop - Admitting to ghostwriters will hurt, but swa***r alone will carry him.
    Kayne - If this was a contest where skills counted he wouldn't even have a leg to stand on, but swa***r and tragedy sells.
    Common - might have trouble making the list.. don't be shocked to see him left off. Seriously.
    Fat Joe - will be mentioned for the sake of laughter
    Soulja Boy - if he makes this list and trust me when I tell you its VERY possible.. I will officially be in the market for a new TV screen. *As such I have elected to install chicken wire in front of my TV set by Thursday. Ahh, Using my stimulus check for good and not evil*

  11. lil wayne is just sick. let be honest u can hate him but you cant hate his music


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