Ashanti and Robin Thicke Make It Do What It Do

ashanti_robin_thicke.jpgFull disclosure: I'm a closet Ashanti fan. There, I said it. Now that my admission of guilt is out of the way, hopefully I won't get to many side-eyes for posting this new track from her freshly leaked album, The Declaration, on SoulBounce. But I'm digging her collabo with blue-eyed soul sensation, Robin Thicke, on "Things You Make Me Do." The synthesized sounds are sexy and oddly enough Ashanti and Thicke's voices blend well together. I will be adding this one to the Butta's Bedroom Breakdown playlist. Oops, now I've said too much.

Ashanti feat. Robin Thicke: "Things You Make Me Do"

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12 Responses

  1. You just lost all credibility.


  3. Somebody got jokes today I see. LOL

  4. Somewhere, very far away, if you listen very closely, there is a horse who is sobbing and cold...since Ashanti took all the hair off that horse's body to put on top of her head LOL

  5. Ur right. It's not that bad?!

  6. Yea who ever styled her over did it on the wig, LOL
    I actually like this, she's trying to do her thing outside of the INK..Her voice sounds pretty good...Thicke is making me anticipate his new album.

  7. LOL..don't even worry about because I am not a closeted Ashanti fan and I always get the side-eye when I say I like her because of all the other R & B I listen too...and the fact that I am over 21.
    Shoot you may be riding with me and hear some Frankie Beverly or Jill Scott followed up by an Ashanti song.
    This song is hot as is the rest of the cd.

  8. lmao@ ill mami's comment. make that TWO horses and a squirrel.
    So, I've always hated Ashanti...even when i was young enough to think she was an innovator...nope...wasnt happening.
    Until she released her latest video. Something about a woman stabbing up a cheating, lying man just makes my insides tingle. And I loved her style, which some how, some way, made me like that song. i was very ashamed though and kept it to myself.
    This song, I'm likling without the help of visual aids. Its blasphemous, but i cant help. I just might buy this new album. Ok let me stop lying. I just might download it for free and tell others to buy it though.

  9. Butta's. Bedroom. Breakdown.
    I'm done.


  11. Butta, you know I love you like a play cousin, but I can only tolerate Ashanti's voice as background screeching when I'm doing something else. Couldn't even get to Robin Thicke's part...and I am NO fan of his either. We'll have to agree to respectufully disagree on both of these artists.
    Maybe when Robin is not trying so desperately to sound like Marvin Gaye. And Ashanti...well, um...probably never. LOL

  12. For me, it's a love/hate relationship with Ashanti. See the first time I hear her songs, I hate the voice and I never want to hear the song again. Then I find myself somewhere like a bar, music store, or a friends house where I'm forced to listen to her again. Because I'm forced to listen I tune out the singing and I start to pay attention to the words and boom! I fall in love with the lyrics. It happened with "foolish/unfoolish", "rain on me", and her lastest "the way that I love you". Thanks Butta, for giving me the courage to disclose too.