Does Keri Hilson Have Enough ‘Energy’?

The urban music internets are buzzing today about "Energy," Keri Hilson's first song from her upcoming album, which looks like it will finally see the light of day later this year. After lending her vocals on Timbaland's Shock Value on the cuts "The Way I Are" and "Scream" and penning Omarion's "Icebox," it's nice to hear Keri singing some more of her own material but I can't say that this song is moving me. It's not that this is a bad song, it's just not particularly good. With that said, I'm sure that it will be a huge hit.

Keri Hilson: "Energy"

Keri Hilson [MySpace]

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8 Responses

  1. I really like this girl, she's got a great a voice, she's a really promising song writer and she's absolutely gorgeous. She SMOKES all of her peers.. But this generic and bland. It’s sad because we are expecting something really huge and different from her but she just keeps regurgitating what she's already done for so many other artists and it sounds tired. First she released the wackness that was.."Henny and Apple Juice", and its gone down hill from there....WHATS SAD is that they had a guaranteed hit with the song "Miscommunication" from Timbalands album Shock Value. Even though Danja rehashed his "Summer Love" track from Justin..She sounds excellent on that song. This song isn’t even finished...NO Bridge? Big ass empty 8 bars at 2 minute mark in the track.. Come on Kerri we know you can do better.

  2. I still love her tho

  3. BORING!!!! Yawn...

  4. Not good at all!

  5. I can understand not wanting to release a ballad as the first single and all, but "Come Clean" woulda been a better choice...or even "Get It Girl"...this song is boring!

  6. I love her voice, but lyrically and musically this sounds like everything else. It breaks no new gorund at all.

  7. Yo! That Keri Hilson joint "Energy" was hot. I can see that song popping off hot with the sistas in particular. The melody and track are mellow and nice. It probably will have a ton of commercial success.

  8. I love this song I think it so rea land true and I cant wait for her cd 2 come out I thinkk it going 2 be great


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