In Defense of Usher

usher-and-girl.jpgAs many of you are aware, Usher went on a rant this week on TRL, addressing all the trash people have talked about his wife. I'll be the first to say that I don't feel heaps of sympathy for people as blessed as he is, but, in a time when you have countless Hip Hop and R&B stars going to court for child support, being brought up on drugs and weapons charges, sexing minors, etcetera, etcetera, is getting married and becoming a dad the worst thing this brother could've done? Really? This, of course, all stems from the fact that the tween set is refusing to let this man turn 30, to which I say, "You'll live."

Full disclosure: I was a big Usher fan back in the day. His first album was sorely underrated and featured the best writing and production team of any Usher album to date--Al B. Sure, Faith Evans, DeVante, Chucky Thompson and even Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs all created the sound of my youth. Since then, he's been fortunate to become a reigning figure in R&B/Pop royalty, laying the smackdown on the charts and working his behind off. Even when other LaFace acts like TLC and Toni Braxton were the victims of bad accounting, he persevered. His personal and professional record is, for the most part, squeaky clean. I'd go off, too.

After the bounce, check out his rant if you haven't seen it already, and take a trip back in time to when Usher was still a Bad Boy. Hopefully we can all get to a point where we'll stop dogging his marriage and talk about how tired his new album is. Because that, folks, is what really matters.


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    First Tomica looks like a Transexual..lets get that out of the way first.
    Looks are not everything but a man of his stature could have done a lot better for himself in that dept....BUT
    I gotta defend the man too. Its sad when marrige and chivalry are seen as a bad trait. If this was any other decade he would be commended for standing up for his wife and being a stand up guy. Now they are going to try and paint him as "crazy" and go the Tom Cruise route, which is sad.
    I do think he has been paying a little to much attention to the blogs and gossip hounds like Wendy Williams etc...He should know that peoples opinions on the internet hold no weight and he needs to enjoy his multi-millions, new son and good health.. Not to mention his huge success..his new album is disjointed but I can say that Moving Mountains is one of the best songs The Dream wrote to date and barring any more will also go # 1..

  2. People keep saying he was ranting. Doesn't look like a rant to me.
    I think he should be commended though. I'd want my husband to speak up for me if everyone kept saying I wasnt good enough for me and the rumor mill kept up ridiculous lies about our relationship. What man, who honestly loves his woman or wife, would stand back silently and let that take place. I give him props for that...and for standing up and being a man in regards to his responsibilities.
    I just got his album yesterday. I hope I like it.

  3. Good for you Usher! Regardless of what everyone else thinks of her, he should stand up for his wife and his family. I can't imagine having to hear people tell me all the time that I'm not good enough for my husband. Of course that's not the case for me and I'm a very confident woman. But, hearing that everyday would probably be hurtful to anyone--no matter how strong or confident. I don't think Usher's paying too much attention to other's opinions. He's just standing up for what's his, as a real man should!

  4. First of all it is wrong to say that cuz a woman is ugly she does not deserver someone with the "stature" of Usher. We might as well have a ranking system that decides who you can get with based on your "stature" and their looks, say Models should only marry rich dudes in wich case your broke ass will be stuck with the ugly ass hood rat with genital wharts. Since no fine ass lady should be with you as she can "do better". At the end of the day I believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder so all that matters is what Usher thinks.
    A Black man can do alot worse than get married and take care of their family as we all know.
    On the rant or whatever. Big up to him for standing up for his Woman but He will never beat Kanye. But hey. Let his music talk.

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    I'm not broke..lets get that out of the way real quick..I may be broke in comparison to Usher..but I'm doing well for myself.
    I wasn't saying that at all.. and for the record plenty of "Models" have "Genital Warts" just like the "Hood Rats" (yuck). My X worked at a clinic and you'd be surprised by the varying degrees of people that would pop up with "something". Thats why I commend Usher for settling down and defending his wife. There's to much going around these days to be promiscuous.
    I was simply stating that.
    1. His wife is ugly.
    2. His wife is ugly
    3. Get it by now?
    And I'm entitled to my opinion. I never said she did not deserve him, I just would have thought that after being with fine ass Chili and having access to pretty much any female from age's 18-35 that he could possibly want...he would have chose someone a little more attractive.

  6. I wrong for thinking that this current album is his best SINCE his first one. I agree that his first cd was highly UNDERrated. I mean I could and still do listen to his first cd all the way through without skipping tracks.
    On this new cd I have to say I like quite a few of the tracks. I'm a bit stunned at how open it seems to be. And for those that think Usher is bisexual there are a couple of songs like Appetite & Trading Places that might make you think he's switching alot of "her's" and "lady's" for "him" and "men" but over all I think on this cd I like about 10 cuts. More than I have on any cd since his first one.
    As far as his "rant" eh I don't see it as a rant. At least he's standing up for her. I think because we often see these dudes with these beautiful video girls we get kinda taken aback when they choose these average or not very attractive females to marry or date. Especially when this chick comes with hella baggage, kids, and all kinds of drama with momma Usher and stuff, it really bothers fans. *shrug* I just say who cares.

  7. Oops My bad. I was not calling you broke. Nor was I saying only hood rats have genital warts. I am happy you are doing well - power to the people - I was creating a scenario based on your statement. Also i think I agreed with you that she is ugly. It is implied in my post. I think she is ugly. However i do not agree with your statement "a man of his stature could have done a lot better for himself in that dept.". Yes he went out with chilli it didn't work out. And all those models didnt work out. Maybe it worked with the "ugly" girl. Whats a guy to do. And now lets keep it real. Stuff like this still happens in certain 3rd world countries. Where people are discriminated based on their appearance, and i am not talking race. In certain African and Asian countries it is widely accepted that light skinned is more beautiful than dark skinned. So let me ask what is the definition of beautiful? I would define it as pleasing to the Eye. But whose eye? Although i might agree with you she is ugly, we might have different ideas of what is beautiful. At the end of the day it is usher's opinion that counts.


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