Same Knight, Different Pips

How ironic was it that one day after we featured "Midnight Train to Georgia" on our countdown, the folks over at American Idol air a "remix" of the exact video we used, featuring Gladys Knight's new "Pips." Lawd. The clip features the cast of the most side eye-inducing movie this side of the 1981 release of That's My Mama: The Movie, and a few things are abundantly clear: Jack Black and Ben Stiller are complete clowns, while Robert Downey, Jr.'s movements are so stiff (don't worry, he was playing a white man in the vid), it's like he still has the Iron Man suit on. A mess. The best thing about the clip is the dancing is that all money made from the download on iTunes goes to charity. Good times.


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4 Responses

  1. White men can't jump. White men have no rhythm.
    Tony Stark, I'm ashamed of you! LOLOLOL That was total goofball, but fun. Thanks 🙂

  2. I disagree about Robert Downey. He really could move! Enjoyed it. Joke or not.

  3. This clip, along with his performance in Iron Man have softened me up on RDJ. But I'm still not seeing that Tropic Thunder bullsh**.
    I never knew RDJ could move like that though! Go 'head, RDJ!