J-Hud Chosen for ‘Sex’ Because She’s Black? Or Because She’s Not Kelly Rowland?

jennifer-hudson-louise.jpgIf you watched HBO's Sex and the City for any length of time, then you probably didn't think black women lived in New York! Sarah Jessica Parker, on behalf of director Michael Patrick King, offers that a large part of SATC's audience is black women, and they needed to be represented for the film. This is partly how Jennifer Hudson won the role as Weezy "Louise." Parker says, "African-American women and women of color have been a big part of our audience for a long time (and) we really haven't been responsible to them." Especially when Miranda was fooling around with Blair Underwood. I'm only sayin'.

This should all be a relief to Kelly Rowland, who also auditioned for the role. Of note, Beyoncé once tried out for the role of "Effie" in Dreamgirls and also lost to Hudson (only to land a smaller, yet bitchier role). This all points to what some people are branding "The Jennifer Hudson Curse," a phenomenon that affects members of Destiny's Child any time they audition for a film. "I can't understand it because I did a really good job at the audition, a really good job!" Rowland says. "I hate it, and of course I feel that I should have the part, but then Jennifer Hudson's just won an Oscar, so maybe she's better for the role. But I was so bummed at that, I really wanted it."

I won't say that Jennifer Hudson gets these roles because she can act. But that's what I'm sayin'.

Singer Kelly Rowland Falls Victim To Jennifer Hudson 'Curse' [ES]
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  1. Uhh, Kelly Roland let's not forget that tour de force performance in "Freddy vs. Jason," shall we? [side eye on MAX] Forgive Michael Patrick King for actually trying to make a movie of SUBSTANCE & not catering to second rate actors trying to live out their fanatical dreams. I'm sure there'll be other less meaningful romantic comedy roles in the future. You know, the ones where you play the know-it-all, sista girl, best friend with the "two snaps and a neck roll" attitude to back it up? Yeah. Those seem to be in abundance these days.

  2. Having lived in NYC my entire life, I can honestly say that it is rare (it does happen, but it is rare) to see Black folks running in the circles that those chiks ran in. I loved Cynthia with Blair, I thought it was a great story line, unlike the previous time they dealt with interracial dating with Samantha (her real name escapes me). Blair's character didn't come attached to a neck rolling sister who hated her brother to date white girls, thankfully. As a Negress New Yorker, I can say that it is best not to think that every show about New York is an accurate depiction of what happens here; but white people befriending other white people, and not having many Brown friends, that is accurate.

  3. I won't say that Jennifer Hudson gets these roles because she can act. But that's what I'm sayin'.

    I know, right? LOL at Kelly for being 'mad'. What the f*ck ever! I saw Seat Filler. She played herself basically; not a lot of range required...oh, and it was boring. 🙂

  4. I'm just glad someone's mentioning that she's even in the film. Understandably the marketing blitz has been all about the four girls, but not much love for JHud. I haven't even seen pics of her at any of the premieres yet.
    And oh GOD that episode with Samantha (Kim Cattral)'s foray into inter-racial dating was as forced and awful as her lesbian story arch.
    God, Beyonce as Effie is as crazy as her playing, I dunno, Etta James! Could you imagine how...{huh? she WHAT?!!? Uh, nevermind.)

  5. Weezy?! LOL! Cut it out nOva.
    Kelly, go sit down somewhere. Usually you're cool with me but your pissing and moaning about this is not cute. What's for you is for you. I know you wanted to escape your 9-5 in the wig crypt. Your time is coming boo.
    JHud is going to rock in this movie and I can't wait!


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