Jennifer Hudson’s Ready for Her Musical ‘Spotlight’

JenniferHudson.jpgI remember saying it to anyone who would listen: Jennifer Hudson should capitalize on the fame (winning Oscar, Golden Globe and SAG awards) she garnered from her performance in the musical Dreamgirls and record an album quickly. Stay in the public's eye. Keep her voice on their lips. Stay in the spotlight. So what did the former American Idol contestant do? Film more movies, of course. On the heels of her star-making turn, Jenny landed roles in the films Winged Creatures, Sex and the City: The Movie and The Secret Life of Bees. Still, I reasoned, if music was her calling card, then eventually she'd have to,
um, record music. Finally, it seems Ms. Hudson is ready to do just that
with the latest leak from her upcoming album, appropriately titled "Spotlight."

The mid-tempo track has Ne-Yo written all over it, which is good since he did write it.  Along with production team Stargate, they provide Jenny with a very safe, radio-friendly track that still bumps.  And thankfully so, since it will prove that she doesn't have to scream in order to make a hit.  It'll also most likely appease her most ardent fans and those who've wondered aloud if she's still even relevant.  With both India.Arie and Alicia Keys
on board
with the project,which is scheduled to drop September
30th, the artist who refers to herself as J-Hud is on the right track. Hopefully, this one will keep her in the musical spotlight in the meantime.

Jennifer Hudson: "Spotlight"

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5 Responses

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    Sorry. Dont like it. Tired of Star Gate they are stamp thier beats with a recycle sticker. Ne-Yo is cool but I have not liked any of his most recent work. Should have went the true soul route, instead of trying to pander. She' not that type of singer

  2. This song is hot!!!! I don't care what no one says! And yes it is radio worthy!!!! Hot! Hot! Hot!

  3. I'm so glad we get to finally hear what she really sounds like miunus the oft-unnecessary screaming. Love the song. Doubt if it will be a mega hit but a push in the right direction.

  4. I didn't even need to read that Ne-Yo was behind this one. It sounds sooo much like him.
    Cool song, though.

  5. SING Jennifer SING!!!!!!! I LOVE her and her voice!!!! No sound effects, no synthesized voices. AN honest to God person who can sing. And folk complain. Jennifer Please do what you must, I and many, many, many , many others will buy your album which will surely UPlift our souls and ears. smile.


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