madge.jpgYes, I realize I'm breaking about eleventy thousand cardinal rules by posting this (Mr. Lowe, I see you), but if anyone reading this has any theories about how Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone Ritchie hooked up with 106 & Park, I'm dying to hear them. Last I checked, it was May 1st, not April 1st, and I don't see any of the Four Horsemen in the horizon. That could only mean one thing: this sh*t is true.

"For the first time in BET history, legendary music phenom Madonna will visit the network's hit countdown show, 106 & Park, on Friday, May 2 at 6:00 PM. Hosted by fan favorites Terrence and Rocsi, 106 is prepared to give Madonna a welcome celebration like never before. To predict her next evolution, Terrence and Rocsi will get Madonna to foresee the future. Rocsi will also do yoga positions that Madonna will comment on, and Terrence will do some dance moves for her to judge. Madonna will also introduce her new video '4 Minutes,' featuring Justin Timberlake and Timbaland."

Hard to launch a side-eye when I'm digging my own grave. [PRNW]

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  1. I read about this yesterday and I was shocked too. People keep saying that her new album is "urban" or "r&b" but i don't agree. It sounds like a dance/pop album to me. Having Timbaland produce your album doesn't make it "urban".

  2. YEs hell has officially frozen over and I'm glad it did. 4 minutes actually debuted on the countdown this week so good for her. Now excuse while I set my DVR and do my happy dance.

  3. I can imagine that Madonna needs every viable music buyer she can get.
    Her music isn't bad... haven't listened to "Hard Candy". The 106 crowd might like it. Never hurts to give it a try, I guess.

  4. Timbaland don't make "urban" music.I'm going to have to side-eye that too even though I like her music, but it's not urban.

  5. I have to say I don't think it's an "urban" album either. A few of the tracks are solid dance/pop with some urban shadings like her first two or three albums, but it's not a black-oriented record. I'm not that hot on it personally ... and I'm a longtime fan of her's. I'm very disappointed with it. But it's Madge, and I love her as she is.

  6. LOL. . .umm this just proves that BET is NOT BLACK ENTERt. TELE.
    Its for the white masses and now Urban music got the cake, so the urban station will have these 2 pop people rotating with the rest of the coons

  7. The term "urban music" is annoying. I like how they just call it "black music" in Europe.

  8. Her album isn't a a harcore BLACK album ala Keisha Cole or Mary but it has a harder groove and more soul than anything she has released in years. Also its much better than that tripe Janet put out & even Mariah. The project is a throwbackl back to her debut which when that dropped in 83 mainly got played on black radio stations and was produced by an hot r&b producer at the time.

  9. BET is owned by white corporate America. Madonna is white corporate America. That's why she used the same people that everyone else is to produce her album even if they aren't really good at making music.
    Madonna is not the truth and she isn't urban anything . I wonder if she'll bring her bogus fake British accent with her. She is just a non-singing old Brittany with better imagery barring her geriatric butt of corse. EWWWWWWW. Her album is an audio wasteland.
    It's a shame that the white community has to be represented to the black community in this manner I hope their ratings suffer big time.
    There are some down -a** white chicks out here but Madonna is not one of them.

    • Mag brings the heat on this cd.... maybe some of these other mofo's can take notes... I wanna be just like her @ 50.. FIRE!!

  10. Ok I don't see the problem. MTV premieres urban music on their station so whats wrong with BET showing a Madonna video on theres? Although I don't think her music is urban its still good music and that's all that should matter.
    Keep Doin' Your Thang Madonna!!!!


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