Mary J. Blige’s Sister Sings Gospel

latonya_blige_dacosta.jpgMany know Mary J. Blige has constantly dabbled into gospel, from the "My Life Interlude" to her collaboration with Kirk Franklin on "Lean On Me." But now her sister/ex-manager, Latonya Blige Dacosta, has decided to voice her own props to the Man upstairs. Latonya will be releasing a gospel album, This Is How I Feel, with "All of Me" as the lead single. Now Mary has been known to hit the wrong note, yet have it remain in pocket. But Latonya remains out of pocket and out of socket on the snippet of "All of Me," which can be heard on her MySpace page. Hopefully, there is more to the song. Let us pray. [SR]

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4 Responses

  1. Wow, that was just.......................BAD

  2. I'm sure that the Lord knows her heart but the rest of us do not need to hear her voice.

  3. This is like feeling bad about booing the gospel singer off Apollo.

  4. Wow. See, this right here is exactly why Steve Harvey doesn't allow "Other Idol" contestants to sing gospel on his radio show, saying it wouldn't feel right to boo the Lord. hehehe