Morning Soul: For The Hip Hop Junkies

2 Responses

  1. i loved the coldest winter ever. unfortunately, there have been so many poor imitiations of it ever since. i'm not a fan of bootleggers but i used to be able to buy good books for much less than the sticker price on 125th. or fulton ave. now, every book on the table is some tired variation of the hustler's story...and poorly written and edited at that! i don't mean to offend but not every Af-Am person came up in the hood, sold drugs or is a stripper/hooker. and if that's what you choose to write about, at least have someone read your sh*t. whew! did i mention that i loved TCWE?! lol

  2. neither this song nor this video makes any sense, yet the awesome quotient remains undiminished.
    bammas was filming on a highway off ramp.