Morning Soul: A Little East Coast Swing

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  1. You did NOT say Solange. *shooting Butta the meanest side-eye ever*
    I'm too lazy to look but did we talk about Gov Patterson pardoning Rick? While I'm glad Rick will no longer have to look over his shoulder, I am a bit concerned that Patterson may start to be known as "The Hip Hop Governor." We already know he has a penchant for O.P.P. I'm just sayin.

  2. @ Viv: Perhaps Paterson didn't really "see" Slick as a priority and decided to turn a blind eye to the situation. I'm just sayin'.

  3. We are both going to hell because I almost lost my lunch laughing at that one.

  4. appreciate the linkage brotha

  5. Nova, you ain't no kinda right for that one! LMBAO
    And thank you Butta for bringing my babies back to our minds, in their day-glo prep look. Ah, the memories! 🙂