Morning Soul: Hip Hop Be Bop Don’t Stop

  • Who cares who wins American Idol tonight, George Michael will be performing!! [E!]
  • Jermaine Jackson is a free man, ladies. [C+D]
  • Diddy's stepson Quincy Brown got his 30 minutes of fame on My Super Sweet 16 Monday night. Noticeably absent was his real father Al B. Sure!. [MTV]
  • The R. Kelly trial has started off with a bang--or at least some banging as the jury watched the infamous sex video in court. [Y!]
  • American Idol alums Frenchie Davis and Ruben Studdard will be hitting the road in a production of Ain't Misbehavin'. Now that's gonna be a helluva show. [BV]
  • I guess Chuck D. won't be a contestant on Don't Forget the Lyrics. [SP]
  • Anthony David is looking mighty fly on his CD cover. [IS]

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2 Responses

  1. Say what now? I only saw one epi of Idol all season long, and it was some past winner singin "Praying for Time". My friend thought the song was beautiful and I said "Yah it is! It's George Michael!".
    Despite shenanigans later in his career, I give him a PASS, same with Annie Lennox. I dig their brand of brit blue eyed soul moreso than, say, the current crop (Duffy, Amy, etc.). Maybe because they've hung in there through the decades.

  2. OK! That was gonna be my comment on Let's Get It On. That started playing in my head when I saw that AD cover. Who knew?! I just hate that such a fly ass album cover with such a...unique name. But hey, I won't be looking at the name.