Morning Soul: Say Cheese

  • ?uestlove laments over the way-too-short Stevie Wonder snippets that have soul music lovers the world over in a tizzy. [OKP]

  • LL Cool J
    is looking muy caliente on the cover of Men's Fitness. [RC]
  • Alicia Keys lends her voice to the WNBA. [WH]
  • Lil Kim looked crazy and deranged at the Sex and the City NYC premiere. [VH1]
  • Across the red carpet, Jennifer Hudson looked rather chic in her shiny dress at the same event. [TM]
  • 50 Cent will search for the next street-smart business mogul on a new MTV reality show. [Variety]
  • Labelle will be enlisting Lenny Kravitz's services on their upcoming disc. Now that should be interesting. [AHH]

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2 Responses

  1. Lawd, where do I begin?
    ?uestlove's comments on Stevie? So absolutely on point! And THAT is what I was trying to say about Michael Jackson. (See the Ne-Yo post for more).
    LL on Men's Fitness?? Good goddamn! No more. Just that.
    And I pray that Lenny Kravitz can craft some music for Labelle as awesome as those songs he wrote for Cree Summer. Street Faerie is one of my all-time fave CDs, and he captured her spirit and essence perfectly. Nothing that Ms Patti has released in the past 10 years has much moved me, so I hold out high hopes for this project.

  2. I love this song by BBD. Thanks for posting!


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