Hot or Not? Kanye is MTV’s #1

hottest-mcs-2008.jpgWell, that was pretty anti-climactic, wasn't it?

When it comes to things like rankings, we can engage in pointed, light-hearted discussion, we can poke fun, we can take it seriously, or we can take it personally.
The passion with which Hip Hop heads discuss these matters points to
several things, mostly a determination to preserve what we hold dear.
Other times, it becomes a certified whine-fest and we aren't gonna do
that here.

That said, aren't you glad Soulja Boy didn't make it? He could've. This is MTV, after all.

10: T.I. (2007: #2)
The Hip Hop Braintrust goes to great lengths to qualify the reasons why T.I. slipped from last year's ranking of #2 to #10, chiefly the legal problems that prevented him to properly promote his last project. Then why is he on the list at all? Well, T.I.'s got skills, although he's far less interesting than he was during his "Rubberband Man" and "Bring Em Out" days. In short, he's on the list because there's only a handful of rappers in the mainstream right now that are worth a damn, and he's one of them.

9: Andre 3000 (2007: #4)
Again, I'm mystified by the inclusion of Andre! "No album, no single, only two guest appearances -- Andre did even less
this year than he did in 2007. There's not even a handful of verses to
judge him on. Should the Hip-Hop Brain Trust members be found guilty of
treason for giving Andre a slot in the top 10 despite minimum output?"
Andre is definitely dope overall, but this is the wrong list for him to appear on based on the countdown's logic. I think they added him so they wouldn't look stupid. Hell, they might as well put Biggie on there if it's like that.

8: Young Jeezy (2007: #6)
After "Go Crazy", I was over this dude. He's hot to them because of his guestspots. And I am still bored by him.

7: Lupe Fiasco
Everyone far and wide pretty much agrees on Lulu's skill. The Braintrust acknowledges leaving him out of last year's list and his subsequent response. Personally, I've never listened to a Lupe Fiasco song more than a handful of times other than "The Cool." But having him on the list is a good look.

6: 50 Cent (2007: #8)
Looks like ol' Curtis came up in the rankings but still couldn't crack the Top 5, poor thing. "'I Get Money,' 'Ayo Technology' and 'I'll Still Kill' maintained his credibility as a musical commodity to close out the year." Whatever. People are gradually beginning to get weary of this cat, perhaps even to the point of questioning why they liked him in the first place. FAIL.

5: Snoop Dogg
We all love Snoop, but don't get this twisted. He's on here because he dropped an album, which, at a minimum, qualifies him more a couple of folks that ranked below him. Oh, and he also had a reality show. Overall, Snoop is never not interesting. I can live with this.

4: Rick Ross
He's just some cat that got lucky by out-selling Snoop on the first week. Who the hell is Rick Ross?

3: Lil' Wayne (2007: #1)
Ok, fine. I still don't get the Weezy fascination, but everyone else does. Not my cup of tea, but apparently there's something to this cat.

2: Jay-Z (2007: #7)
He's only on here because he married Beyonce. Kidding! Or maybe not, since this introductory paragraph devotes a lot of copy to the nuptials. But mostly, he saved his own hide by releasing American Gangster, an album that got people excited about him again after the flashy ego-fest that was Kingdom Come. Also, Jay-Z is one of the few in the mainstream I can listen to without feeling guilty or disgusted afterwards. Props deserved.

1: Kanye West (2007: #5)
Although Kanye's existence is an argument for why grown-ass men can also star in an episode of My Super Sweet 16, and he's failed to exhibit any humility in light of tragedy, he's got to be one of the hardest working cats out right now, and his output shows it. Skills? Got 'em. Showmanship? Got it. Attention to detail? In spades. Newsworthy-ness? Yes, but to be damned. Congratulations!

Of course, I wouldn't leave you without posting a truly amusing response to this list. Of note, dude has clearly forgotten what website he's on:

This list is Trash,Trash,Trash! that panel is SUSPECT wtf Rick ross. young jezzy shoulda never made the list and what no common are you serious ,and to debate whether lil wayne is hotter than jay-z and kanye west just goes to show you how bad the game has gotten.The name of the show should be changed From the hottest MC to Popularity Contest.The only good point is that they put kanye at #1 this is most certainly true...but next time get some real hip hop heads and not conformist.

So what are your thoughts, SoulBouncers? Is this list even worth the bullet? Because let me tell you something, I looked at it shrugged. Also, make your way over to Miss Info's spot for a thrilling discussion about why Soulja Boy should've made the list. Then, go wash your eyes out with soap before you come back here.

Hottest MCs in the Game 2008

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14 Responses

  1. um, no comment
    ::shakes head::

  2. You should be commended for this valuable public service. Now I know all about the list without actually having to read through it all, which saved me from a dangerous blood pressure spike (a killer of many black men) and breaking my fist on my monitor.
    Fortunately, I have decent health insurance. Many other readers who might be whipped into a blind rage by this list aren't so lucky.
    I've long accepted that the game is not for me anymore so ultimately, I just don't care. Sad or natural?
    To offer something of use, Lupe is a undoubtedly a lyrical genius but he has a craving for terrible hooks. Very rarely in his output do beat choice, lyrical execution and song writing all come together equally.

  3. i can never take any rankings given by MTV serious when it comes to hip hop music. they don't view the music the same as i.

  4. If that graphic is any indication, the way to become one of MTV's hottest rapper is to have no face.
    Check the middle rows.

  5. I ask this in all seriousness since i had no intention of watching this list unfold..
    Where was Ghostface in this lineup or in the rankings?
    Same for Busta (I mean if Jizzy ..sorry Jeezy can make the list why not)
    I will accept Lupe as a direct replacement for Nas based on the rational DJ Stylus
    Even though I thought Andre3000 was an inspired choice last year based on the heat he brought during each guestspot he was on, why now??? Because he has an album dropping???
    There is a silver lining to MTV doing this list... they beat BET to it and ensure that they won't co..pycat... the... id. Crap I jinxed it didn't I?

  6. Only worthy mention is 3000 and Lupe.Jigga I'm still in the middle.He cool, but I don't know.LMAO @ cocaine rappers, rap sucks and Hip Hop is forever, believe that!

  7. Thank you, Belve, for mentioning Ghostface. I am too beside myself to even understand why he wasn't mentioned up here. He's on mixtapes, his albums do well critically, and he has released two albums and a book in the last 2 years. Plus, MTV has featured him and his hood knowledge so their "braintrust." should have scribbled his name down on those little pieces of paper. And why does this braintrust only include people from MTV? Why not open the discussion to other experts from other media outlets? Or are they afraid that the discussion will take longer and the agenda of their network (to play the "hottest" nonsense all day) will not be furthered???

    • Stylus saved me from having to write too much. What he said. Won't get my pressure up though because I remember what site this is on.
      Also my issue is that this is supposed to be a list of hottest emcees?! To me, there is a big difference between MCs and rappers. Half these jokers should have been at the HHH tour last year. Or they need to come to the KRS One show this weekend so they can get schooled on what being an emcee REALLY is. Too much work? Then just watch this Would have preferred if they just called it a list of the hottest rappers.

  8. I was waiting for this post. I saw the show last night and I was a little heated over my man Common being left out. Andre's appearance mystified me too, especially since the "panel" kept stressing the importance of dropping an Album. Most of my fellow conrads here in the South would disagree since Rick Ross is the ish in the South. Personally I don't thinks he deserves to be on the list but, knowing the love he get's down south helps me understand why he and Jeezy made the list.....popularity contest indeed!

  9. Big Doe Rehab and Fishscale been in rotation all day.
    what do you really expect from these "smart dumb cats"?

  10. if you need MTV to tell you who's hot, kill yourself.

  11. Knowing MTV, I pretty much predicted the top 3. Ok i thought Jay-Z will be 3 and Lil wayne and Kanye will take the top 2 spots. But i was close. This is a popularity contest. It comprises of who has the most newspaper clippings, oh and throw in 1 or 2 "concious" rappers to "keep it real". Still. How the hell did Common not make that list. That is truly wrong. I take it we should expect a media tirade from Souljah Boy. Does this mean Kanye has forgiven MTV?

  12. Personally, I try not to take these types of lists too serious because they are all based on opinions. If you are not already popular to some degree, you will never make any list on MTV...period! They wouldn't dare blow up an unknown artists that may be better than a Wayne or Kanye. That's not what these types of lists are about. It's about rubbing elbows with the artists that they want to work with at their station. These are the same artists you will see headlining their televised concerts and live sets in the near future, so this is really a business move...
    The last time I gave a phizzuck about what MTV had to say about hip-hop, Ed Lover was still doing his dance on Yo! MTV Raps...


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