Name That Beat: Gifted And Going Far

IMG_0034.JPGYou know what time it is by now, right? It's Name That Beat time, y'all. Let's get things popping like hot butter on popcorn. Before we do, let's announce last week's winner. Jay correctly guessed Wes Montgomery's "Angela" used by DJ Premier for Show Biz and A.G.'s "Next Level (Remix)." As usual, Primo chopped up the beat like a Philly cheesesteak, and the result was pure goodness.

This week's beat is below. To be correct and win, your answer must include the following: 
  • The artist(s) and title of the beat 
  • The artist(s) and title of the song that sampled it

Good luck!

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3 Responses

  1. another underground classic.
    Showbiz has to get his props for the O.G. version that touched "Angel". Premo handled the remix.
    word to D&D Studios.

  2. Jaco Pastorius "Portraits of Tracy"
    sampled by: SWV "Rain on Me

  3. I sense an unspoken unfettered love for The Weather Report. Me Like!


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