N*E*R*D: The Movie

nerd-promo-2008.jpgBetween the Fame remake, the upcoming Teddy Riley/B2K masterpiece and the film adaptation of Soul Train, we're having a hard time keeping track of all these music-related movies on the way. And it gets better, or worse depending on your vantage point. Pharrell and the rest of the N*E*R*D gang are teaming up with Hype Williams (director of cult classic Belly and a bunch of colorful, ostentatious music videos in the '90s) for a documentary about how cool they are and how hard they work. "The movie is going to be like The Beatles' Hard Day's Night," Pharrell told Hot 97's Angie Martinez. "It's a full length film. It's for our fans." That last part was code for "Don't hate." BONUS: If you missed their "Spazz"-fortified Zune ad, it's after the bounce. [SOHH]

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