New Music From Peter Hadar: ‘Painted’

Apparently since we last featured Peter Hadar on SoulBounce, he has been hard at work. Luckily, we get to reap the rewards of his hard work with not only a new single, but a new album, Well Dressed for the Art Show, that will be dropping June 3. "Painted" displays Peter's rough yet smooth voice tumbling over a futuristic-sounding track. Be sure to peep the remaining moments of the track as well for an unexpected little surprise. 

Peter Hadar: "Painted"

Peter Hadar [MySpace]
[Photo: Alex Solmssen]

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3 Responses

  1. Avatar

    Futuristic..but glad theres a few chords in there. Never heard of him before. Pretty Nice 3/5
    Dudes need to get off that scarf stuff in 09.

  2. Leave Peter and his scarf be. He's well dressed for the art show damnit! LOL!
    Me likey. I enjoyed him when he performed here. A humble cat with a nice sound.

  3. peter hadar is obviously the latest in a wave of new game changes..
    i'll keep an eye out ..


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