Ne-Yo To Hopefully Make Michael Jackson Sound More Like Michael Jackson

neyobw.jpgOn the heels of my assertion that producers run their mouths too much when it comes to what they're working on, and positing that Ne-Yo's "Crazy" and "Can't B Good" are positively Michael Jackson-ish, comes the news that Ne-Yo's long-gestating dream might come true. He has been called upon to lace MJ with some fresh work. While other high-profile team-ups generally cause me to sigh heavily, this could be a match made in musical heaven. This is all, of course, assuming he doesn't bring us "Sexy Love Part XXV," which he's been known to do. Luckily, he's still at the submission stage and The Gloved One might see right through him. Ne-Yo says, "I'm submitting songs for his new album. He's being very selective;
very picky, but he's supposed to be. This is a going to be a really
important album." Ne-Yo channels MJ quite a bit, so he probably needs to hear the man himself say "No, I would do it this way." [CM] Beating a horse to the glue since 2007™.

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    This is the thing about The King of Pop...yep I said it..when someone outsells Thriller call me. .He will probably have Ne-Yo write 20 songs and only pick 1 or 2, then he'll let Will I AM do the bulk of the album and it will suck.. I will say that I was quite impressed with Will's "remix" of The girl is mine and PYT on the Thriller 25th Anniversary album..But I dont want an album full of that... Out of all the up-tempo songs that have come out over the last 12 months I think..Feedback was the most...interesting..MJ needs to call Rodney back in an get a 2-3 of those also.. Rodneys stuff on Invinceable was...sadly...trash. But Feedback was a killer and MJ would kill something like that.. BUT THIS ALBUM SHOULD BE BALLAD HEAVEY. We really dont need to see Michael Dance, and theres only so much that you can take of his "aggressive" singing voice.. So I really hope that Ne-Yo comes up with the goods.. I think he can..Its nothing for michael to sing them.. I mean he's been doing this since he was 5..

  2. Now, you know...many of you may disagree with me on this one, but I'm gonna say it anyway. If Michael wants to make a comeback album, he's going to have to "come back" to the styles that made us love him in the first place.
    Michael needs to work with all of the producers who have written hits for him in the past: Quincy, Rodney, Teddy et al and have them craft new tracks that harken back to the instant classics. You cannot tell me that a 2009 version of "Remember The Time" or "Off The Wall" wouldn't end up rocking dance floors all around the world. And you can do that without selling out to the stripped-down, electronic sound that most artists are doing quite poorly right now.
    Picture an acoustic guitar-laden update on a ballad like She's Outta My Life. Maaaaan, please. Michael would be unstoppable.


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