Robin Thicke’s New Single Is Pure ‘Magic’


I already knew that blue-eyed soul brotha Robin Thicke would be dropping a new release soon, but I didn't think that he would drop it this hot. "Magic" is the first single from his upcoming album, Something Else, which hits the block this July, and he has come back strong lest anyone think his last album was a fluke. The song is a throwback to the days when strings, percussion and horns ruled the dance floor and airwaves. The instrumentation is incredible, but it's Thicke's silky smooth vocals that set this bad mamma jamma off. Marvin Gaye would be so proud.      

Robin Thicke: "Magic"

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    Robin wear's all of his influences on his sleeve. He can do Michael Jackson " All night long", Brian Mcknight "Lonely World", Prince "In my Dreams" and Marvin Gaye "Everything else he's ever done" Seems like he's settling on the Marvin Gaye style, since that’s what seemed to get him over the hump after throwing so many styles against the wall to see what would stick. The reason why Robin gets a pass in my book for totally ripping off Marvin is because he does it right. He's not just taking the "runs" and lead vocals style. He's got the back round vocals down. . I like this... Its promising seems like he stayed true to what he was doing/copying and if he can deliver another 18-19 tracker we'll have some good blue eyed soul to choose from.

  2. Butta, you summed it up best, that song is hot. Seems like Thicke has more appreciate for our music than our artists do.

  3. Lovin' It! I'm a huge fan of "horns" and this song takes me back in a good way. Congrats to "Thicke" for this one.

  4. I love it love it love it! The horns and strings are killer on this track. Robin know how to construct a great song. I can't wait for the new album!

  5. AHH! LOVE IT! I'm glad I get to finally hear the entire version. The snippet on that cell phone commercial wasn't cutting it.

  6. this track is so fresh. it is very retro and nostalgic.
    big ups to soul music.

  7. Justin Timberlake channeling Rick Astley thinking about Marvin Gaye.

  8. There's no words to describe how TALENTED and GREAT this man is. I've been a fan since day one. I have his first and second album and can not wait until he release his third. This song is HOT and I love it. It's a ringtone must have.

  9. I'm loving it. That's one of those smooth "in the club" grooves that makes you feel sexy. The music is wonderful! Love it!

  10. Great track! Loved RT's last album and now am really looking forward to his next offering...

  11. You go boy :O)

  12. I have heard the album is pushed back to September 🙁