RZA Shows Love To The Ladies On New Album Cover. If By ‘Love’ You Mean ‘Objectify.’

Wu-Tang leader RZA has a new album in the works as his alter ego Bobby Digital. I loved RZA as Bobby Digital and thought his alter ego was a great concept (Prince Rakeem notwithstanding), even when he completely went misogynistic on the recorded verbal altercation that is "Domestic Violence" from the same album. So, should we ladies expect anything different from the man whose forthcoming album Digi Snacks features this as album artwork? 


Despite the masked ladies of his harem on the cover, the artwork looks about as sophisticated as Snoop's Doggystyle cover

Be sure to peep the uncensored version after the bounce and ponder why female emcees these days are usually semi-naked and in short supply while you do so.

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3 Responses

  1. If these girls were carrying bookbags, I'd swear this was a the cover for R. Kelly's new album.

  2. Good point, Nova. RZA does favor the Peed Piper a tad on this cover.


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