RZA’s Alter Ego Supposedly ‘Can’t Be Stopped’

We have been anxiously awaiting this video since last week when RZA released the trailer, yes trailer, for his new video "I Can't Be Stopped." While this newest video is much better than the last one and the graphic visuals are kind of slick, I will applaud his skills for using his late cousin ODB's extended howling voice like an instrument on the track. Thumbs down for the cadre of scantilly-clothed women who bring nothing to this video stylistically. Thumbs down also for not including Inspectah Deck's verse that is included in the original. But thumbs up for graphic comic live-action visuals and a decent use of this sample. Another thumbs up for the covert shout out to Ghostface Killah in the video. While Digi Snacks is set to drop June 24th in case you were interested, RZA better bring it to keep a fickle and short-attention-spanned audience interested in his newest release.

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2 Responses

  1. I'm actually feeling this joint, after that debacle of a wu tang album it's nice that someone besides for ghostface can still make a good song. As for the eye candy in the video the sister up front could be Angela Davis' daughter:)

  2. I must's a decent song, but as soon as the track started I was thinking of Mos Def's "Undeniable", and how much I dig that version better...Perhaps it's because that track is more upbeat, or perhaps it's because one chick in this video looked like a sketch pad for future tattoo ideas...but either way, I can say with a straight face that this song is pretty solid.