Skillz Exposes Timbaland and Missy

skillz.jpgIn anticipation of his new solo album, Million Dollar Backpack, to be released by Koch on July 8, Skillz recently explained why he is no longer associated with Timbaland and Missy Elliott. After appearing on Tim's Bio and Aaliyah's remix of "Are You That Somebody?," the Virgina comrades' relationship has dissolved into a pile of musical hopes. According to Skillz, "I think people were excited Tim was with a real lyricist. He was with a real spitter...He was a real good beatmaker, but early, early I don't think he had grown into a producer." Skillz believes that Timbaland tried too hard to live up to the hype of Dr. Dre. "I think Tim was so busy trying to kinda do what Dre was doing when Dre can't even do what you do. Dre can't make R&B. That's not his forte." Skillz also dishes out on why he can't stand to hear Missy's "Get Ur Freak On," "It's just that every time I see Missy, or every time I hear like 'Get Ur Freak On,' I get a bad feeling because of something that happened [between us] in the past. If I can say anybody kinda did me dirty at one point it would be her." Well damn. It's safe to say that they won't be exchanging gifts this Christmas. [HHDX]

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    Skillz is the perpetual poor me rapper. He had his buzz, he had his connections, he's talented as hell.. but just cant get it together. Can't decide weather he wants to wear a back pack, or do pop rap. The yearly rap ups have gone down hill in the last 3 years.. Get it together and stop crying

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    Yeah he is a "poor me" rapper...but don't sleep on what some people...even Missy will do to stay on top. But that's low using innuendo to put it forward...intimating that there was something freaky/nasty in her past doesn't move this forward one bit. he's also where he is due to his perpetual bridge-burner rap style. Why do you think Chino XL is where he think these punks don't want fame and success, be it pop or underground?