Who Would You Rather Creep With? ‘Part-Time’ or ‘Secret Lovers’?

stevie_wonder_atlantic_starr.JPG1985 was a good year for adultery. After all, there was not only one but two chart-topping odes to getting your sneaky freak on: Stevie Wonder's "Part-Time Lover" and Atlantic Starr's "Secret Lovers." Both of these songs were about something so wrong, but they sounded oh-so right.

Stevie's uptempo ditty--with Luther Vandross on backup no less--about "undercover passion on the run" was a breakthrough hit when it dropped. Off his In Square Circle album, "Part-Time Lover" hit number one on four charts simultaneously, making him the first artist in history to do so. Yeah, Stevie was the man even when singing about cheating.

Atlantic Starr's Barbara Weathers and David Lewis sang their faces off on "Secret Lovers." This slow jam about two married lovers was one of the band's biggest hits and is still a staple on urban radio. This song just makes you want to sing along with it--and I'm sure we all have--even if you don't agree with the subject matter.  

So if you were gonna creep (not that we're encouraging that type of behavior), what would your soundtrack be?

Stevie Wonder: "Part-Time Lover"

Atlantic Starr: "Secret Lovers"

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10 Responses

  1. I am more of a secret lover myself 🙂

  2. I just thought I'd let you know that Stevie song plays "Supertitious," but I would have to pick Stevie, hands down.

  3. Avatar

    The Stevie Link is playing Superstition.
    Gotta go w/ Stevie on this.. We are under cover lovers on the run, Chasing love up against the sun !" Can't beat that mans vocals..he make cheating sounds so wonderfull. Secret Lovers is the joint though.

  4. I'm OK with the link playing Superstition. That's my JAM!
    Stevie all day. He's gonna shut this thing DOWN. "He makes cheating sound so WONDERful." Ha!
    Should have thrown Choosy Lover up in the mix too. LOL!

  5. Um, wrong song but it's all good:)

  6. I love both of these songs, but I have to go with Part-Time Lover.

  7. I must admit, Secret Lovers was my jam as a lil kiddio. I had no idea what i was singing about at the top of my lungs. But it definitely was the jam lol I'm sure my mom rolled her eyes at me a million times whenever the song came on the radio

  8. Love both songs, but I'm going with Secret Lover 😉


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