Wrapping This Week’s Soul Candy

2 Responses

  1. Real talk I was kind of serious:) I mean whenever dudes start trying to be too sexy and start wearing makeup then they probably on the DL the only exception....Rick James:) Pharrell looks like he is wearing make up and why is he standing with 2 other dudes with his short off? I mean I'm just asking:) and for the record their music is garbage. I mean you can act all crazy when you making good music but when you aint putting out good music well then...........

  2. @ Stoney:
    So the fact Prince, Morris Day & The Time, Alexander O'Neal, Lenny Kravitz (as "Romeo Blue") wore eyeliner means that their androgyny makes them gay??? This look has always been en vogue since tight pants & makeup on men have made women scream. And by your skewed logic, Rick James couldn't have possibly been gay? Really???
    You know what they say about those that are homophobic...


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