#43: TROOP ‘Spread My Wings’

Confession time: I kinda like the Jordin Sparks/Chris Brown duet "No Air." (Come on. You can admit that you like it, too. It's cool. We're all friends.) It's just a good R&B song that happens to be written by Steve Russell. Who, you ask? Well, Steve is much better known as the lead singer of the late '80s R&B group TROOP (which stands for Total Respect Of Other People), who along with his jheri-curled partners in crime Allen McNeil, John Harreld, Rodney Benford, and Reggie Warren, gave us the R&B we grew up on, with "Mamacita," the remake of the Jackson 5's "All I Do Is Think of You," and their most popular song, as well as today's countdown entry, "Spread My Wings."

The track, from their 1990 sophomore platinum-certified effort Attitude, was written by Russell and produced by Chuckii Booker, and represented the group's first number one Billboard hit, spending two weeks atop the U.S. R&B charts. Oh, and as it turns out, Russell was just giving us a taste of his songwriting prowess with "Wings," as he's gone on to pen tracks for the likes of Aretha Franklin, Glenn Lewis, LSG and Monica as a member of the production team The Underdogs. It's with TROOP, however, that he got his start, and his words, combined with the high-octane choreography in the video, makes this track an R&B classic. Like "No Air." *dodging rotten tomatoes*

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  1. YES!!!! I didn't know if you guys would include ''Spread My Wings'' on your countdown. I loved this song & "All I Do Is Think of You" back in the day. The melodic harmonies on this track (especially in the a capella part) sends your mind adrift late 80's/early 90's, New Jack R&B nostalgic bliss. *sigh* A musical dream. I wonder if Chucki's "Turned Away" has a spot?

  2. Thank you! Thank you for justifying my like for No Air...I wrote a post on it this past Saturday, not understanding my like for this I can say that it is because my dude from Troop wrote it!
    Whew! That was a close one! I thought I was going to have to load up some Chris Brown on my mp3 player...and then I was going to go and slit my wrists!

    Troop is/was the troof.
    I just found this old Arsenio tape with them performing. They merked that jont.
    And "Turned Away" is the super jam, but what y'all know 'bout that "Don't You Know I Love You"?

  4. I always thought these cats were as talented or even more talented then New Edition. Not only could they all sing but they could all dance their asses off. Troop was the shitiz:) I also think "All I do is think of you" was their best song

  5. Ok, I loved this group too, but my fave was "All I do is think of you". I agree with stoney they could dance, the boys threw down in the Mamacita video.
    Side Note:
    Can I say the best thing that has come out of the countdown is the things that I have learned about the artist and the song. Great stuff! That being said, can we have more? I remember hearing or reading somewhere that many past R&B artist are writing and producing songs for today's artist. I would love to know details. Where is Chuckii? Is he still working with Janet? or did she drop him too, for JD. This post makes my inquiring mind want to know.

  6. Loved Troop as well - NEVER close to NE (didn't I just write that about RFTW, lol) however - but the thing is we had choices we had multiple artists and groups who were doing it in R&B but now not so much...On another note my favs are All I Do & Sweet November (the radio edit not the video version) and I also like Souped

  7. I like these old videos... why are they running scared from the helicopter? "Oh, no, the light is on us! Let's dance!

  8. LOL @ the dance moves but it was smooth!This was my song too and also I Will Always Love You

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    I am probably the ONLY one that STILL has this song in rotation. 🙂
    This list is that sh!t. Thanks SoulBounce!