#45: Ready For The World ‘Love You Down’

Ready for the World was a group that was before its time. Sure, their Jheri curls, outfits and funked-up R&B grooves screamed 1980s. However, it was a cut from their second long-player, Long Time Coming, that shows that they were ahead of the curve. On "Love You Down," lead singer Melvin Riley sang an ode to Cougars before we they even had a name. (Well, older women relating to younger men were called other, not-so-nice things, but I won't list them here.) The musical quintet from Flint, Michigan stepped all the way out there with "Love You Down," a song about a once-taboo type of May-December romance. When Melvin started the song with the lyric "It never really mattered too much for me, that you were just too damned old for me," you knew that he meant serious business. And later when he sang "Let me love you down, even if it takes all night" in the chorus, business gave way to copious amounts of pleasure. The song is rather tame by today's standards, but it just oozes sex. Melvin's promise to love you long time aside, the instrumentation is what takes this song from quaint slow jam to bedroom banger. The radio edit (also heard in the video) is cool, but the extended album version, with its longer bridge and Melvin's ad libs toward the end, prolongs the loving. No Viagra necessary.

Ready for the World: "Love You Down"

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5 Responses

  1. *breaks out a fresh bottle of curl activator*
    Hey now, the boys from Flint, MI! Loved me some RFTW.

  2. Get in the corner!
    Who knew them nassy MILFs and Cougars had a theme song? I don't know that I've ever listened to the words of that closely. Just got my serious grind on. *snicker*
    All I want to know is who had this one on their list!

  3. Avatar

    Nobody ripped off Prince better ! My joint is Oh Sheila

  4. I was definitely a fan - not to New Edition levels - but a fan - Can He Do it Like This and Tonight are my fav RFTW songs.


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