#50: Marvin Gaye ‘I Want You’

Iwantyousingle.jpgI'm kinda geeked right now because Marvin's "I Want You" is my favorite track by him. All you "Sexual Healing" and "Let's Get it On" cheerleaders need to fall back!

That said, who could make the unmentionables drop quicker than this brother? The track was written by Leon Ware and was originally intended to be released by him, but Berry Gordy had other plans. Boiling the track down, one can't help but notice its simplicity. The lyrics themselves don't explicitly point to any sexual yearning. But, Gaye's delivery, silken and heartfelt, infuse the track with the kind of longing that suggests he's restraining himself as much as he possibly can, until the inevitable burst. It's sexual because it's Marvin and it totally works.

The track would eventually see a ballsy remake by none other than Madonna, while also being channeled in Musiq Soulchild's "Onenight." But only Marvin Gaye, at once sensitive, political, then slightly brazen, could take an otherwise lyrically-anemic composition and turn it into a tour de force. Best. Marvin. Song. Ever.

Marvin Gaye: "I Want You"

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  1. Great song, I've heard it so many times and didn't even know it was Marvin. It's my new fav song by him now.

  2. My absolute favorite Marvin track. so smooth and sexy and airy and simple. Robert Palmer also delivered a respectable cover of the song as well.

  3. although i want you is the jam, i have to give the nod to "you sure love to ball" all time favorite marvin jam!

  4. I will never forget what my mother said about him one time. She said Marvin is not the best looking man in the world, but every song that comes out of his mouth is so incredibly sexy and cool. Even his rendention of the national anthem. There is no question the man is bad. My personal faves are "distant lover" and "what's going on".

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    I'm saving this album.. Its one of Marvin's Albums that I've never owned or sat down and listend to in its entirty I only know what I've heard in passing and whats played on the Radio. Music aint getting no better so I'm a pull this one out on the way back from the hospitol when my first child is born or some special occasion. Of course I've heard and love this song and Nova I feel you on the lets get it on cheerleaders, that like people saying I just called is Stevies best song. Nope

  6. YES! All time fav right here!!!

  7. Yes, this record is incredible! Coincidentally, I'm listening to a song right now by Little Brother called 'Can't Stop Us' which uses this Marvin Gaye sample slowed-down in the background...real hot!
    Marvin's version is definitely classic material!!!

  8. Marvin is dominating this countdown! Alright now! While I love this song, I'm still patiently waiting for Distant Lover or maybe even Just To Keep You Satisfied to show up.

  9. Every time I hear this song I think of Debbie Allen dancing to it in "Jo Jo Dancer". Even as a kid, though I didn't know what it was, I could feel the sensuality in this song. Second only to his rendition of "Heard It Through the Grapevine" for me.

  10. Okay anytime I see Marvin I'm happy but Vivrant Thing just stole my #1 and #2 favorite Marvin songs of all time, lol but I can share I guess. And to the poster below I will respectfully have to disagree with your mother bc as mine would say Marvin was sho nuff fine! I remember the first time I saw an old picture of him (bc I was used to seeing the 70/80s version of him and didn't really see any older pictures until I was much older and I said wow Mom Marvin Gaye was kind of cute back in the day and she said kinda - girls please Marvin was sho nuff fine, lol

  11. As well as that track, that's a really quietly outstanding album that's completely overshadowed by its neighbours.

  12. Now, this is a song, that I can't find no remakes that would top the original.This song is too sexy!
    Marvin is dominating this countdown! Alright now! While I love this song, I'm still patiently waiting for Distant Lover or maybe even Just To Keep You Satisfied to show up.
    ^ Love Just To Keep You Satisfied..something about it.It's like damn he can sum up a whole situation in one song

  13. i was waiting for this track to creep up! i love this song it encompasses some deep loving!! this cd is amazing! lets not forget come with me my angel and the all to brief i wanna be where you are...
    distant lover the live version is this ishhhh. how i miss me some marvin. this song is so beautiful


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