Amanda Diva’s Heart Is In The City

amanda diva foreplay.jpgAmanda Diva has been steadily creeping in and out of our radar these days, mostly from her self-penned blog. Now it seems as though Miss Diva will have the Foreplay mixtape for us to sample which actually will serve as the foreplay to her Love Experience EP due out later this year. For now, however, she has this track, "Heart of the City." Hearing her flow, I already know that somewhere in the interwebs, someone will attempt to compare her to the incomparable Ms. Lauryn Hill. But let's all slow down. Amanda's flow is nice and the beat is reminiscent of a simpler time when artists such as De La Soul, Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth, and Common, back when his surname was Sense, actually were played on the radio. These days, unfortunately, pressing play below will just have to do. 

Amanda Diva: "Heart of the City"

[H/T: 2DB]

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4 Responses

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    This is coo... sounds a little dated far as the productions goes, but I love the chords and these kind of tracks in general so I'm OK with it. What I don't like is how her vocal tone, inflections and to some extent her lyrics sound JUST LIKE Lauren Hill..You can kind of get away with it in R&B but in hip hop its a no no..

  2. Um, I've seen her live. She's cool and all but no one should eva eva eva compare her to LBoogie. That's blasphemy.

  3. I'm feeling babygirl but I agree with Vivrant on this one, to compare ANY female to L-Boogie is crazy. L-Boogie pre break down was better then 90% of all male rappers. I will scoop up Diva's solo joint when it drops, maybe if more sista's would rap about something besides handbags and their oral skillz (i.e the lil kim, foxy brown, trina syndrome) maybe there would be a female MC category at award shows again......

  4. I love this.