Bounce-Worthy: Sepsenahki

sepsenakhi.jpgWe know. You've seen this type of soul singer before: the dreads seem to evoke Bay Area songstress Goapele, while the ancient Egyptian imagery evokes Erykah during her initial entrance into our collective consciousness. Yet, when you take a listen to Sepsenahki's tracks, you begin to realize that this Atlanta-based singer/songwriter is the real deal. She's not simply emulating anyone else. She's the type of singer whose presence enraptures, just like the sweet voice that comes effortlessly forth from her throat. Despite her claim that she is not looking for a record contract and that she is a musician because it is where she can "find some bliss," that's her prerogative. We're just fiending for more of her blissful, unencumbered soul music. 

Sepsenahki: "Let It Go"


Sepsenakhi: "Searchin'"

Sepsenakhi: "Come 2 Bed"
Sepsenakhi [MySpace]

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