Crank That or Shank That: New Tracks from Lupe, Macy Gray, Blu & More
Now comes that part of the week where we play catch up. Today we highlight some of the noteworthy tracks that arrived on our radar this week via an intrepid PR rep, a close friend, or another blog. We're doing five First Spins in one post, fam. For each track we'd like to simply know, should we CRANK THAT (turn it up and get ignant to it) or SHANK THAT (banish it to the depths of the internet never to be heard from again)? I would request that you be gentle, seeing as how a lot of these joints aren't coming from established or mainstream folks. But, this is the SoulBounce audience, so I fully expect some concise, genuine feedback, even if the price is a take-no-prisoners approach.

First up is an unreleased joint from Lupe Fiasco or, as I like to affectionately call him, "Lulu." The track is called "Cold World." I know I give Lulu a hard time (he amuses me), but this track is approaching fire. He sounds a bit more sinister than usual and the Wu-ish samples are a nice touch. How should we handle this?

Lupe Fiasco: "Cold World"

Next up is Team Blackout, a 3-youngin rap act made up of Zach, Reggie and JoJo Simmons (coming at you live and direct from Reverend Run's loins). The track "Lights Down Low" is produced by Rockwilder (LL Cool J, Meth & Red) and definitely has a bang-factor. However, I wonder if anyone during the sessions realized how much this channels "Get Me Bodied." Are we crankin' or shankin'?

Team Blackout: "Lights Down Low"

Blu can do no wrong 'round these parts. He's one of those cats that doesn't even need an instrumental to make me bend my neck, so I'm crankin' "Up All Nite" with or without your permission. Thanks!

Blu: "Up All Night"

"Go Left" with Soulbrotha and Kay is from Dumhi and Haj's forthcoming Yoga At Home Vol. 1. I smell effort so, moderate crankage. Kay's my dude, though. The LP drops 6/24 and also features Von Pea, Che Grand and Sadat X among others.

SoulBrotha feat. Kay: "Go Left"

I don't know where to begin with this one. We could, perhaps, start with this shot of Macy Gray, which looks like it came from the cover of Hype Hair or some other Black hair mag, because it probably did. Or the fact that "Only in the Dark" sounds like an outtake from The Documentary. Oh yes, it's a typical Game track right up until Macy comes in hollering "YA'LL AIN'T GOT NO WARRANT!" That being said, I submit "shank that," based on how the gutter beat paired with her unique vocals conjures images of being chased down by a pink bunny with a chainsaw. No ma'am.

Macy Gray & The Game: "Only In the Dark"

[H/T: FSD / 2DB / SPINE / DR]

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5 Responses

  1. Blu almost took it but Kay beat him by a hair.
    the youngins = no.

  2. First of all, nOva, I was dead at "We could, perhaps, start with this shot of Macy Gray, which looks like it came from the cover of Hype Hair"
    Speaking of this song, Macy sounds like the female Shabba Ranks, but like in a bad way.
    Anyway, the only songs worthy of bumping really were Lupe's and Blu's. Lupe > Blu in this case. The beat was pretty dope.
    As far as Run's son's group, I'm not even going to damage my ears by listening to that young, foolish mess from kids who don't know what real hip hop is.

  3. The best thing about that Team Blackout song is the Adidas track jacket that JoJo has on in that pic. That about it.
    That Blu song is vicious. That Jacko line has me cracking up out loud, because it sounds like something that kids would say on a playground.
    Where does one find that song to d/l it? Where is it from?

  4. Get ready for Blu and Exile in DC and Baltimore in July... And yes Kay and them got him this time around but the song is HOT!

  5. didnt 'one be lo' use the same "cold world" hook in his own song, "cold world" though? lol


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