Did Missy Give Her ‘Best Best’ On This Track?

missy_elliot.jpgFACTS: This is the new track from Missy Elliott, called "Best Best." It's produced by Danja and is from her forthcoming Block Party. OPINION: Her Supa Dupa Fly days are clearly behind her. In general, I love Missy, because there's always at least one or two occurrences of heat even on her worst albums. That said, this track doesn't really lend itself to repeat listens. There's no bang-factor and her flow this time has an element of "trying too hard." I hate to echo the party line, but a Timbaland beat would've really taken this track to where it needs to go. As in, in my iPod.

Missy Elliott: "Best Best"

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  1. rubbish.

  2. No.
    And let's not forget amateur lyrics...but that's nothing new for her. A hot beat would have saved it, but that's missing here as you've noted. Regardless, it will still bang hard in the kiddie clubs this summer.

  3. Missy fell off a long, long time ago. She should have bridged over into singing full time and stop acting / dressing like a tomboy:) Oh yeah this songs is a travesty and should be banned:)

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    OK so the Timberlake/Furtado stuff was great. But can we ex-communicate from the Danja Cult? As Nova said Timbaland should have done this and the whole album. But Missy is such a Diva that she turns down track after track untill Timbo got to the point were he said the hell with her. (Check out his VA My Block Interview for MTV)

  5. In a word...BLECCH! (Shout out to Snoopy)

  6. I agree that this is not repeat-worthy. I actually could see her switching up the so many others have done this past year. She should've left "Shake Ya Pom-Pom" off of that soundtrack, and saved it for her first single. I have to get up everytime I hear that one. Love it.


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