Eric Roberson Freestyles For Team Obama

Eric Roberson is known far and wide for his on-stage freestyle songs during his concerts. At some point during his set, he'll ask his captivated audience to provide him with a handful of random words, and--being the genius that he is--he'll take those words and craft them into a song right there on the spot. I've seen Erro do numerous freestyles since I've been attending his live shows, and he always kills. I used to have a personal favorite, but that all changed this past Sunday at the 16th Annual Capital Jazz Fest. The man created an anthem for Barack Obama right in front of our eyes. By the time he sang the chorus, the crowd of thousands could be heard singing "O-BA-MA!" in tune with him. Even McCain supporters had to sing along. It was truly an incredible and moving moment.

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4 Responses

  1. Erro, Err0- what can I say! Since I was there. I can not even explain how great this performance was. It was truly uplifting to see this man make this song right on the spot and it would be an instant hit, if released! This is why we love ERRO. Butta I knew you would have the footage. Thanks it took me back to this past weekend! Love Soulbounce 🙂

  2. That was incredible.

  3. Me thinks this will become a viral sensation. I've already seen it reposted one place already. Someone commented "SoulBounce be on it!"
    I was proud to have witnessed this live. It was truly a moving experience to hear all those folks soulfully calling out his name.

  4. this is called speaking something into existence.


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