Exclusive New Anthony David: ‘Miss U’

Just in time to put some funk in your Friday is some new hotness from our man, Anthony David. His album, Acey Duecy, hits the streets this coming Tuesday, and in anticipation of that wonderful occasion he's blessed us with an exclusive track that won't be available until the next printing of the disc. That's right, y'all, you get to hear a bonus cut here first. "Miss U" finds Anthony singing to his lady about how much he misses her when they're apart. I'm loving everything about this song from the sound to the sentiment. Two-step your way into the weekend to this one.

Anthony David: "Miss U"

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4 Responses

  1. Uh oh, look at SB getting the scoop on some new music!
    I was getting my head nod on as soon as the track started up. I agree - nice sound, nice sentiment.
    Can't wait for more new stuff!

  2. sounds good. but man, misspelling deucy is just embarrassing...and then to have it tattooed... man...

  3. Love it Babe Boy!