Hip Hop Recognized At The Tony Awards

in the heights.jpgAt last night's Tony Awards, four Tonys were awarded to the cast and crew of In The Heights, a musical about a Dominican bodega owner and his crew in New York City's Washington Heights neighborhood. Incorporating hip hop, salsa, merengue, and R&B, In The Heights took home some of the top honors of the night, including best musical and best choreography. Most notable, however, is In The Height's writer and composer Lin-Manuel Miranda's acceptance speech, which featured him dropping a freestyle verse as he thanked his mother, father, sister, brother, God, and likely anyone else who is usually mentioned during those speeches. Interestingly, In The Heights beat out Passing Strange, a musical about a Black teen from a dysfunctional Oklahoma family who leaves for Europe to then become the darling of the avant garde scene there. Although musicals are really not my bag, kudos to two musicals featuring people of color receiving top nods from the musical establishment.


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  1. Because of a HUGE Thunderstorm last night, I ended up missing the Tonys. Total power outtage! ::insert every expletive known to man here:: I heard Whoopi killed it with her hosting duties though. I saw the cast of 'the Heights' perform the main theme of their show on 'the View' last week & they were great! I haven't seen the entire play, but if all the songs were a catchy & culturally enriched as that, I'm sure the production was deserving of those awards. Congrats! I haven't seen Passing Strange, but I've heard a lot of good things about it. Hmm, I wonder what's on YouTube....

  2. whoopi definitely did her thing, she was very entertaining. and i'd like to second the congrats to 2 shows with casts of color getting so much attention. i haven't seen in the heights, but i will be soon, after seeing them perform last night that sealed the deal. loved miranda's acceptance speech. i have seen passing strange and i HIGHLY recommend it, wish it would've won more but congrats on its win for best book of a musical. stew and miranda are both amazingly talented and not afraid to be revolutionary, i hope they continue to get praise and usher in a new era of the great white way.

  3. I didn't see the Tony's, but I did actually see In the Heights on Broadway about a month ago. I live an hour away from NYC, so going to a Broadway show is a nice treat every once in awhile. It was great and the music was very catchy. Congratulations to the whole cast... they definitely deserve it.

  4. I was so happy to see Miranda win. Don't think he was actually spitting "off the dome", but still, what the hell? A rapped acceptance speech. And the music isn't too bad, either-- and so much better than that damn "Rent". Although, like "Rent", expect to be hauled off to see your lil' cousin's high school production of "In The Heights" in the future. Bet on it. I hope this and "Passing Strange" are the future of Broadway. Not like, 10 new hiphop-musicals, but more variety, and P.O.C. repping hard.