Is This The ‘Right Way’ For Sam Salter? Umm…Not So Much

sam_salter.jpgThe late '90s saw a rash of R&B male singers that received airplay on the tube and radio, but were seldom heard from since. Singers such as Rell, Case, Tony Rich and Sam Salter all fall within this category. Luckily for Sam, his luck has not run out just yet, and has a new song that will I'm sure he hopes will catch our attention. Those of you familiar with Sam Salter from his Midnight Love slow jams "Once My Shhh, Always My Shhh" or "There You Are" will appreciate this somewhat tired, formulaic song that sounds very much like...what else? Late '90s R&B. This being said, it won't make it into my Bedroom Breakdown playlist. But for all of you jonesing for a sound that doesn't have the same overused electronic talk box (à la Zapp) over an R&B track, this will likely make it onto your newest slow grind mixtape.

Sam Salter: "Right Way"

Sam Salter [MySpace]


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3 Responses

  1. This T-Pain sounding shit has officially gotten out of hand! I mean Sam can really blow so why stoop to this level? I mean damn, can you ever imagine Luther using one of these voice boxes? whatabout Anthony Hamilton? see, I rest my case.

  2. LOL @ stonyisland, Man God Bless Luther for not using this tool because my goodness Luther is the bidness! I couldn't ever see him using it.
    And I think I only heard one song from Sam, but I remember the name.But not sure about this song.

  3. Avatar

    Damn I remember him ! Kind off... I couldn't recall a song name if someone paid me 100 bucks.
    1. Number one cardinal sin cussing during a slow tempo joint.
    2. Staying away for years then coming back sounding like Akon.
    3. Auto Tune, Auto Tune, Auto Tune.
    4. Long stretches of music with no singing
    : (