JET Announces, ‘Prince Turns 50!’…Two Weeks Late

I swear, I couldn't make this up if I tried. JET magazine, a publication that prides itself on delivering black news first, has just announced that music and cultural icon Prince is celebrating his 50th birthday!!! The problem with that announcement is, of course, that he celebrated it two weeks ago. Talk about your slow news cycles. There's a joke in there somewhere about how the rising costs of fuel might be causing JET to be even slower to the news than usual.. or maybe one about how if JET is catering your birthday, be prepared for stale cake. But I digress. What matters is that they're giving the man his due. Right? RIGHT?!?!? 

Also in the June 23rd edition of the weekly (on stands today) is news that 50 Cent's house burnt down (almost a month ago), someone named Barack Obama is running for president (Word?!?!), R. Kelly is on trial (umm, the verdict is in) and, for you lovers out there, 10 great tips for men looking to get their sweetie the perfect Valentine's Day gift (nice!). *removing tongue from cheek and shaking my head*  We need to do better.

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8 Responses

  1. People still read Jet?

  2. "Internet? What dat?" said the Jet magazine editor.

  3. I mean... it's Jet. What else would you expect?

  4. Avatar

    Did people ever read Jet ? or was it allways the book scatered across the table at your local Barber shop or salon that you flipped to the beauty of the week and put it back down. LOL

  5. @Marvalus: Calling this "CP Time" would be an insult to CP Time.

  6. Look guys, Jet Magazine has got many people through some long stretches in the ....powder room.
    3 Places you'll find a Jet Magazine: Barber Shop, Salon, Bathroom
    Their stories are never particularly timely or informative. Usually they read like press releases -- with some stock photos.
    I mean --- It is nice when the Beauty of the Week covers up the stretch marks. Little things, ya know.

  7. Ahhh, Prince doesn't celebrate birthdays, he said so himself in 2000 on his "Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic" DVD. He talked about how time was an illusion and declared that we may be living in 1450 and not 2000.


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