Jon B. Reinvents Himself With ‘It’s U’

jon_b_piano.jpgBefore Robin Thicke became the man, there once was a time when Jon B. was the male white chocolate soul singer du jour. Dude was pretty nice with his. I mean, who else do you know could do duets with Babyface and Tupac and make it work in both instances? His music could take you from the dance floor to the bedroom in one album, and I know many a sista who wouldn't have minded him adding a little milk to their coffee. But as is the case with many artists who ride the fame train for as long as they can, he fell off with a jarring thud. After his last two albums barely registered on anyone's radar, it now appears that he's dusting off his mic and trying to get back into the game once again by reinventing his sound.

"It's U" is Mr. B.'s latest offering and it's a far cry from the slow jams that put him on the map or the hip-hop heavy headnodders that made him a staple on urban radio. In the track he borrows from the popular trends of today using a vocoder and going heavy on the synths. Yawn. With its techno sound, perhaps Jon is aiming at crossover appeal, but after hearing this I'm tempted to ask, who stole the soul?

Jon B.: "It's U"

Jon B.

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    John B is a dope singer songwriter and producer, I BUMP his first album and Cool Relax was his master piece. His later albums were reall good also I just did not know they were out. I recently bout his last two at a bargin CD place in LA and they were also really good.
    And even though I am tired of Auto Tune...I like this. Slap Tracy Edmonds for letting him get away... Oh yea and for kissing Eddie Murphy in the mowf !

  2. i like the vocals, but i hate this ugly synth driven noise that people wanna call "R&B" ....... its like cheese in a tube now, before it was vintage cheese with crackers, now its cheese in a tube with coke.

  3. How am I supposed to know who's who when everyone sounds like f**king Rosie from the Jetsons?

  4. I cannot lie this is a disappointment to me. His last CD "stronger everyday," was a solid SOUL and REAL R&B. For some reason these idiots clear channel, BET, and his record company that was Beyonce's daddy record company didn't know what they were doing. But this shit, I don't know what the hell this is. I guess he was like if you can't beat em, join em, but I say he should go back to doing what's really real. Butta you gotta peep that stronger everyday, give it a listen and post some tracks. It was an amazing CD. Let's hope he finds that love and stop tryna keep up with the stupidity hitting the airwaves.

  5. Yes, before Robin Thicke there was Jon B. but in my most humble opinion, (particularly with Jon's first LP) I was a little confused, thinking I was listening to Babyface and not this no-name-newcomer-whitebread-soulster named Jon B. Yes, when I hear Robin I hear a multitude of others but I hear him. With Jon it's mostly, "Oh my, is that Babyface?" LOL UNTIL I put a face to the voice to the name, then it was like, yeah this YT-boy is tight coming hard with 'They Don't Know'. I never got into his other records; only the first really. Thanks for the update on his career. If he is signed with Knowles' label, I wish him the best: that label is almost a second-chance artist graveyard (Sunshine Anderson, Next, etc). LOL

  6. i don't know, i love jon and have followed him since the beginning so obviously i co-sign anybody who might say "cool relax" was the best of him but i don't find this single to be all THAT bad. i mean, considering alot of industry people are using the same method of madness to their music, i'd rather hear jon doing it than 95% of these other folks. and yeah i'm pretty sure he just wants to keep doing what he loves but again this is a case of a truly talented artist not getting the love they deserve so he probably felt like he had no choice but to jump on the bandwagon at this point. after all, he ain't getting no younger. i ain't mad at 'cha jon! i do however like the soulful side of him more myself tho too. it's just a shame how the game has gotten so lame to make an artist have to virtualy change their whole style just to stay alive. peace.

  7. I like it..the only thing I don't care for is that little siren thing in the background. I think a little guitar would really add that organic touch. I have followed Jon B's career, I own every CD he has ever put out and I try to stay in loop by hitting up his MySpace page, and my opinion hasn't changed. Jon B. is a dynamic musician and artist. Contrary to some of the opinions here, I don't believe Jon has compromised who he is as a artist. I love music and all kinds of music. From Blues to Rock .....from Rap to Gospel...from alternative to R&B and from Funk to Folk....artist should have the right to explore and play with different sounds. I happen to like the vocoder and the synths....and I have confidence that Jon would not build an entire album off that sound solely. But I digress, I think the song is sexy, energetic and has great cross over appeal. But in my opinion (uhuhmmm), I do believe Jon should replace that siren background 'noise' with some clever guitar rifts or something to that affect. Call Weezy up...he plays guitar now/too...maybe he could drop a verse, flip some strings and add that Weezy affect . But seriously, I would play this song...I will support Jon B on the strength of a talented artist who always celebrates women, love and life. Much respect Jon!

  8. i def agree rhonda on the siren but maybe he's hoping it'll get him some face time on (gags) mtv. and i also see your point on artist's growth & change but at the same time it's a business and that business will make artists put out ish they normally wouldn't have otherwise. i just wish people would take the art form more seriously because i think people fail to realize the affect it has on human behavior. sorry got off topic, this is in no relation to jon b. anyways, like i said tho the song really ain't all that bad.
    did she really bring up weezy's name? damn, i thought with a web name like "soulbounce" i wouldn't end up coming across his name.
    and is there like a trend going on of folks using that "imo" ish or is it just me cause i'm seeing that alot lately.

  9. wow look @ jon perkin all these comments. the vocals are hot. i adore seeing him croon over a piano. the synth noise is annoying but i could totally see this being played all over the radio. i love jon and own every album as well!! hes been on the foul play bench too long. i love his other solid organic stuff and agree with others he wouldn't be stupid enough to base an entire album around crap like this. it sounds good tho!

  10. jon b is the greatest male r'b to me he's gonna come back with something big ,trust me

  11. I'm kinda trippin on this joint here... this aint even this cats style!! what the hell hap'nd to tha real Jon B.??? this aint even RnB its techno to me....However... Oooh So Sexy is the official shit!!! That's the Boogotti that I know!!

  12. jon is amazing and if R&B wants to stay stuck then thats sad, its about evolution and pure artistry, which robin thicke and justin timberlake lack, who out there in r&b can do all that jon does and still have everybody talkin 13 years later!!!!!!!!

  13. I'm not feeling this song too much. Everyone is trying to crossover but some don't do it successfully. You should have put OOhh so sexy w/Paul Wall...thats the jam!!

  14. Ok. Every song Jon makes is a hit, All of his cds are hits. People are just jealous and hating o n him becuase he got so much soul. (and its not even a black or white thing) Jon has so much talent he probably wont even live long enough to express it. You cant compare Robyn thicke to Jon, yeah Rob can sing. but jon can SANG and play and look sexy. Keep the long hair Jon I love it. I laugh when people talk about you becuase obviously THEY DONT KNOW
    one luv