Marvin Gaye’s Life Story To Come To A Theatre Near You

marvin-gaye.jpgWe will finally see a biopic about the life and journey of the minister of soul, Marvin Gaye. F. Gary Gary (The Italian Job) will hold the responsibility of directing Marvin with C. Gaby Mitchell (Blood Diamond) writing the script. Contrary to the rival film Sexual Healing starring Jesse L. Martin
that only covers the fall of Gaye, this picture will explore the rise
and fall of Marvin Gaye from the early years with Motown to the tragic
assassination by the hands of his father. Calling it his "passion
project," Gary promises the story will include not only Gaye's musical
significance but also his political significance: "This isn't the
average biopic of a rock star wrestling with drugs and women, but a man
whose musical awakening became a call to action that questioned
critical issues like a costly foreign war, recession, environment,
inequality--issues that are relevant now." It would be great to see
the method actor Leon, who's already taken on the roles of Little Richard and David Ruffin, flex his acting chops in the iconic role. [Variety]

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4 Responses

  1. Hell no to LEON playing Marvin Gaye. He has to be tired of playing the same type of roles by now. He's done enough Motown biopics, although I hear Aretha is looking for someone to play her in her movie.

  2. I like Leon, but I don't think he's right for the role. Besides he's the obvious choice. Let the newcomers get a chance to prove themselves. How about Brandon Fobbs (Pride), Nate Parker (the Great Debaters), Kevin Phillips (Pride) or Lamman Rucker (Why Did I Get Married?) ???

  3. Leon?? Are they serious?? Isn't he tired of potraying singers?? They could have picked someone who resembled Marvin. Leon doesn't look like Marvin in the least bit.

  4. You know, I thought I was reading in JET one time that they had some other guy to play Marvin.Can't remember who.But Marvin story is something that I was kind of shocked to read about.I think if you go to video google and type in Remember Marvin Gaye, it shows a documentary of his days in France I believe.It's great.He sings his songs straight from the studio.
    But Leon playing Marvin Gaye?I don't know, they might have to pull a Halle/Dorothy Dandridge on this one.