‘Miss Rap Supreme’ Divas Pass The Mic

As much as I loved the (White) Rapper Show, I loved Miss Rap Supreme that much more. Aside from the obvious of loving the show because it featured female emcees battling it out for the title of "Miss Rap Supreme" and the cash prize of $100,000, we got to see the characters behind the rhyme flow. Nicky 2 States was one of my faves for her out-the-pocket raunchy lyrics, but my personal fave overall was Byata. Though I wasn't mad when Reece Steele took the crown, it's nice to have this video to reminisce about the contest that ended way too fast. The sad truth about this video: Yo-Yo blows all these chicks out the water with her lyrics. I guess that's why she was the one judging them all.  

[H/T: Y4L]

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2 Responses

  1. Yo-Yo was definitely far and away the best. Is it wrong that I kind wanted them to pass the mic to Khia so I could hear, "R-E-S-P-E-C-T ME. RESPECK ME!"?

  2. I liked this video, although where's Ms. Cherrie.
    At any rate, the show was cool. I'm glad Khia got kicked off early in the show. In my opinion the show was for unknown's and Khia was not that.