Morning Soul: Don’t Need No One Else

  • Kanye West sides with Soulja Boy in the "Greasy Pimp vs. Raging 17-Year-Old Fool Rap War 2008." [KU]
  • Ice-T has responded that telling Soulja Boy to "Eat a d---" was taken out of context. This is the worst Rap beef ever. [AHH]
  • When are jails going to start charging DMX rent? [BB]
  • How come every time I do Morning Soul, everyone's been acting a damn fool? So now Nate Dogg has been terrorizing his wife? Stay classy, Hip Hop! [AHH]
  • Nas co-signs Shaq's Kobe diss... [SOHH]
  • do a bunch of other rappers. I'm going to start draping SoulBounce in garlic to keep the n***as away. [MTV]

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2 Responses

  1. Man, I used to love Total . . . what happened to these lovely ladies?

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    The 34 y/o part of me wants to agree with Ice T, come-on he (Soulja Boy) couldn't have spent more than a half a day working on the lyrics to that song. If he spent more...then I feel bad for him. But he has the right to get his props and money from it. Ice T is the wrong cat to talk though...we all know that this Soulja Boy thing is a hustle for Soulja Boy. But if anybody knows anything about Ice-T or any documentary about his start...he claims himself that rap was just another hustle for him. He walked into Sire Records with a nothing demo, and said he hustled them into thinking he was a credible rapper when he wasn't.
    How soon we forget...