Morning Soul: Mind Blowing

  • Timbaland and his baby mama jumped the broom. [US]
  • Ashanti's bloody "Gotchagram" campaign for "The Way That I Love You" is drawing protest. [BS]
  • Is Ryan Leslie the next big thing? Definitely in his own mind. [RC]
  • Would you buy a gift for someone who didn't invite you to their wedding? Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon seem to think so. [PS]
  • Bump American Idol. YouTube continues to be the place to be to get discovered. Just ask singer Dondria who got snatched up by Jermaine Dupri. [T2]
  • Think Jill Scott has a beautiful face? Well vote for her on [JS]

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1 Response

  1. Ok, I like her album and all, but that Ashanti ish was scary. Issues? I think so.