Musiq’s ‘Radio’ Needs An ‘Off’ Switch

OK, my peoples, this is going to be quick. Let me just say that I'm a Musiq fan. Loved his last project Luvanmusiq, even forgiving him for attempting to reinvent the De La Soul classic "Buddy" with um, "B.U.D.D.Y." See? I must be a fan. However, with that said, this new track, "Radio," sees Musiq apparently--and pathetically--attempting to reinvent his image as "radio friendly." Umm, no. Seriously, he needs to stick with what got him where he is, because if I owned a radio, and ever heard this on it, I'd unplug it, wind up and throw it against the nearest wall, just to ensure I'd never have to hear the song again. Or worse, so the chorus that goes "don't front, you know you loooove it" wouldn't get stuck in my head. Damn. Too late. Then, I'd bill him and whomever produced the track for the damage that was done to my property...and to my ears.

Other than that, though, like I said...I'm a Musiq fan. Tell us, after hearing this, are you?

Musiq: "Radio"

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  1. AAwww Hell Naw!!!!! I couldn't even listen to whole thing. This is some Bullsh*t!!!!!
    Musiq-what were you thinking?

  2. You know what? I like it. It aint typical musiq but he's given us plenty of that. I can see how folks would be pissed off, but at least he did it right. Helluva surprise, but it aint like he's doing it to get props, he's got those already. Funny how the folks that may claim to dislike it, will probably turn around and listen to Gucci Mane, LOL!
    I say go for it Musiq. You did it proper!

  3. I NEVER thought I'd see Mu-sick swagger-jack chris brown. ATAB!

  4. Wow......I was NOT expecting this...such a bad look for Musiq.

  5. All this needs is a Kellz remix and we got regla rotation!
    I'm really gonna need for Musiq to go back to the studio and stick to the ballads. This song is indistinguishable from so many other R&B artists. And that bit about the ATL? Stab me now, please.

  6. I'm cracking up over here. Y'all can't front, for a club bounce joint, he made it do what it do. I mean, even the topic of the song fits the purpose. He wanted to make a song that was radio friendly, at the same time the message of the song is, don't be surprise that a "neo-soul" artist (who ALWAYS shunned that title btw) is doing a club joint or listening to a "club" joint. y'all tripped when he remade rolling stones, do you think he cares you don't get his expansion in the other direction. Let the man be an artist. 🙂

  7. Avatar

    Hey at least he got Stevie Wonders testicles out of his mouth.
    It aint that bad

  8. I like it. Sounds like they should have given this song to Usher so maybe i would like more than 3 songs on his album.
    Its hard for me to imagine Musiq singing this, but...*shrug* The concept makes my skin crawl, but I'm sure after a few 1000 spins on the radio, the inner hoodrat in me will be silently screaming, "heeeeeey, this is my jam!"

  9. Get Get Get Get Get Get it Shawty!!!!

  10. Also, I'm counting the days until Angie Stone covers "Freakum Dress".

  11. My jaw is skimming the floor as I walk around my room shaking my head @ disbelief hearing this ish. MUSIQ where are you? Agreed novomatic this is the reason i don't own a radio either! Hand this mess to Usher like suga said or CB but dang Musiq dang.. another one bites the dust.
    (clutches juslisen and weeps)

  12. What, T-Pain wasn't available???? Weezy must've been in rehab when Musiq recorded this one.
    I didn't like it, but my inner hoodrat did. LOL

  13. This is some straight shillbit...
    (Still laughing at the Stevie Wonder joke...)

  14. I’m not mad at him for wanting to try something new but this is so not him
    This song would be good for Lloyd or Omarion one of them little pip squeaks
    Don’t get me wrong the music is hot for a rap song like I could hear Ludachris or Lil’ jon on this track
    But not my baby

  15. I love Musiq, but this apparently FAILED! I can't believe he would even imagine recording such monotonal crap. Where's the colorful harmonies? Soul-stirring high notes? The relevant lyrical content? Any fool could make this song, however, not everyone can do what Musiq does as an artist. (when he's SERIOUS that is)

  16. Musiq told me to tell ya'll the Bohemian bullshit aint paying the bills no more:) his next single featuring R. Kelly is called "Playground" check it out at your local strip club or day care center:)

  17. ARE U SERIOUS???? See, I've always been on the fence with Musiq in that I loved his production but was never sold on his lyrical skills (sans Erro penned tunes). Nevertheless, he's done his thing and I can't hate on that.
    But I must HATE on this TRASH! What the screw? Dude, go back in the studio, call Carvin and Erro and try this again...UGH! I don't believe this one!

  18. I started to turn it off when I heard the FIRST BEAT. Wow. Really? Are you serious? WHYY?!? NOOO!!!!! Seriously.
    It's catchy. And the high schoolers will love it. I guess quality good music is so 2003.
    Dwele... please don't let us down....

  19. I actually kinda like it and it"s a different look for him..must be the miami in me

  20. Wow. This is bad. It kinda of reminds me of Prince's ill-fated attempts at hip-hop during his dismal '90s run.

  21. 🙁
    i thought u were being harsh with this review...i just couldn't imagine musiq EVER resorting to this... dissapointing indeed
    "don't be shy, you can shake it girl....aaaaayyyyyyy

  22. Omg...I absolutely HATE this song, it's his worst one yet. I'm guessing he was going for mainstream radio appeal....BOOOO!!!

  23. Avatar waiting for the follow up single called "sike, i was just playing". the hell was he thinking bout? the only thing i can imagine is that he was feeling sorry for himself, went out and made friends with some young cats, got really high, invited all of them back to his crib...drank a lot, then went into his basement studio and pressed record. that is the only sceniro i can imagine that would make this shit make sense. even then, i never want to hear it or him in this genre again.

  24. Knowing the quality of work he has done in the past, this song makes him sound really kinda silly.....don't u think?

  25. @ old enough:
    My theory is that Musiq took a Delorean 20 years into the future, sat around with his new A&Rs and producers and said, "You know what? I want to do an homage to when music was crap," and this is what they came up with.

  26. @ John Murph: You can't tell me "23 positions in a one-night stand" wasn't the lick!

  27. Ok.... What was that again? *Looks at the artist. Musiq? *Tries to listen to it again and falls into a seizure.
    I didn't last 15 seconds.

  28. Well... it sounds just as awful as everything else on the radio.
    Maybe that was his point in calling it "radio".
    Score 1 for Musiq.

    Please make it stop. I want Musiq back, the real Musiq.

  30. My man just trying do what's cool and hot. I hear peeps groove to this stuff all day long at work, and often wonder where is the creative process in this? I think the people at record companies always find a way to control what the artist is truly not about. My man Musiq needs to stay close to his roots and leave this s&%$t alone....

  31. My man just trying do what's cool and hot. I hear peeps groove to this stuff all day long at work, and often wonder where is the creative process in this? I think the people at record companies always find a way to control what the artist is truly not about. My man Musiq needs to stay close to his roots and leave this s&%$t alone.... This is Getto, tacky and wack !!!!

  32. Epic Fail.
    I was avoiding this post all day but when co-workers started sending me emails about this travesty I had to investigate.

  33. No! No! No! he didn't start the song off with shawty, that was it for me. TRASH! I'm a major fan, but this is garbage.

  34. Look Musiq, just because Lil bitch ass Wayne went platinum off some garbage doesn't mean YOU need to get on and do the same. Monica tried to do the same thing and where did her record end up? In the TRASH! Not the local swap meet or 99-cent bin at the local car wash. The TRASH! We need for you to give us REAL music. Otherwise change your moniker because that song ain't MUSIQ at all!

  35. No, No, No that can't be Musiq. It don't even sound like him. What was he thinking with this one. I really don't like the direction he's going in. He's trying to hard to be mainstream.

  36. Hmmmmm.... it has potential to grow on me... I mean... I don't think its horrible. Fans are so fickle... We like artists to stay true to US and not true to themselves. At first listen I'm not thrilled but I am nodding my head. The beat is ill... we'll see...

  37. I'm laughin at how there were 37 replies to this!! haha! This song was bad on so many levels that it doesn't make any sense. Couldn't even listen to the whole thing, in fact I think I threw up in my mouth a little... whoa

  38. WHAT THA F*CK!!!!!!!!!
    This aint Usher, this aint Chris Brown, R. Kelly, Omarion, Trey Spongz, or none of the other pop dudes!
    Why is the last HOPE of great urban soul music (besides Raheem Devaughn) doing this??!?!?!?!

  39. LOL @ alot of these comments, especially the one from Mutada al sader the king.
    All i can say is that it's hard to be true to R&B & NEO-SOUL when you're getting OUT SOLD BY SOULJA BOY... Hate it or Love it, that's your prerogative, but i'm sure that Musiq's album sales, radio play & pockets will probably see a boost from this song. Maybe if R&B had as strong as a support system as the hippity-hoppity bubble-gum music, he wouldn't have reverted to this. It's a funny song tho, quite entertaining LOL!

  40. I just revisited this post and tried to listen again in hopes that I was being too judgemental at first.
    But I wasn't...this was not on point.

  41. Avatar

    First of all, I like it . It's different for him, it had a good beat and it's catchy. He probably enjoys all of the crunk stuff that's out now and some of us probably do too. It's o.k. to be diverse that's what makes an artist an artist. If they thought about what people said about them initially, they wouldn't be here today. Should he be using the same beat and tempo that Dwele uses in EVERY SONG he has ? Gotta switch it up people. It's called RADIO-indicative of what we hear on the RADIO !

  42. I like it. It's different. It's nice to see him step out the box. I think it's smart for him to relase something a little more commercial, it might compell people to listen to his previous work which would add to his fan base. He's underrated and more people need to be aware of artist like him.

  43. I love this song...its always good to step out the box. now im from tx so...i wanna hear it chopped and screwed....LOL
    nah but i really like it, anything Musiq makes is gold for me!

  44. I personally think he's mocking all the crap that's on the radio right now by coming out with a song like this.
    Musiq knows better than to be putting out a song like this just to gain radio play

  45. This is a.w.f.u.l. Just AWFUL.
    Why would he make this? Just like someone on here said, it sounds like all the other crap that's on the radio right now, which is why I don't listen to the radio anymore. Damn, Musiq.

  46. Who is he now, Big Boi?? Please stop, and stay in your lane which is neo soul.


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