Name That Beat: Dear Summer

grandmaster_dee_hands.jpgGreetings, all! Welcome back to Name That Beat. Last week's beat is a rediscovered gem that 9th Wonder helped to gain more attention by using it for the beat he created for Erykah Badu's "Honey." The original beat was Nancy Wilson's "In Love With You." Good looks to Tia for answering this correctly. 

This week's Name That Beat is little bittersweet. First the good news: this is the 31st installment of Name That Beat. Thanks for your continued interest. Now the (sort of) bad news: Name That Beat is going on hiatus. Think of it as the beats going on vacation for their summer break. They need some time to float around in the world, meeting and mesmerizing new people. But don't worry, just like summer vacation did not last forever (no matter how much you wished it would), the beats will return real soon. In the meantime, enjoy some beats below.
Azymuth: "500 Miles High"

[Photo: Butta]

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