Name That Beat: Forever Old Skool

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Last week's beat was a bit of a tricky one. Mainly because the sample was easy enough, but coming up with the artist who sampled it was a bit more challenging. Yes, this track is Atlantic Starr's "Love Me Down." The song that sampled it is also titled "Love Me Down" by DJ Cozmos. I know it's a bit of an underground track, but I figured you crate digging DJs would have been up on it. Oh well. 

DJ Cozmos: "Love Me Down"

Anywayz, this week's beat is below. Be sure to include the following for your answer to be correct: 
  • The artist(s) and title of the beat 
  • The artist(s) and title of the song that sampled it

Good luck!

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4 Responses

  1. I have Love Me Down somewhere on my computer.I was nowhere to be found this week so I didn't get the prize lol, jk.But it's a nice melody.

  2. Beale Street - Donald Byrd
    Oh Shit! (which is what i said when I realized I had heard this track before) - The Pharcyde
    That was a cruel wait to find out last week's answer.

  3. Awwww beat me to it by a couple of minutes!
    A Pharcyde fav for sure. Actually, that entire album is a classic!

  4. well done my children!


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