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djheather.jpgHappy Tuesday, y'all! Welcome back to your beloved Name That Beat. Big up to Belve who correctly guessed last week's beat. It was Donald Byrd's "Beale Street" that was used by Pharcyde on "Oh Sh*t!" I know that usually the East is in the house when it comes to the hip hop artists mentioned, but the West often comes with the realness, too. 

This week's beat is below. Be sure to include:  
  • The artist(s) and title of the beat 
  • The artist(s) and title of the song that sampled it
You can always leave whatever you want in the comments, but unless you include the above, your answer won't be correct, and you won't be able to see your name in bold type next week? And who doesn't want that? 
Good luck! 

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4 Responses

  1. nancy wilson "i'm in love", erykah badu "honey

  2. Nancy Wilson's "I'm in Love.

  3. nancy wilson's I'm In Love
    erykah badu sampled it in her song Honey


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