Nas’ New ‘Hero’ Is A Zero

nas400.jpgFor all of you wanting for all this Nigger album and The Nigger Tape mixtape foolishness go away, today is not your day. And for all of you who are on "Team Nas" when it comes to anticipating this album's release, today is not your day either. Why? Because, straight and to the point, Nas' new "Hero" song is wack. There, I said it. This track, which is actually the album's first official single, is for all of the young'uns who need something to bump while they listen to Power 100 or Hot 98 or whatever hip hop radio stations are going by these days. And this comes as no surprise, since Polow Da Don produced it and Keri Hilson, which may be the only bright spot on this track, sings the hook. If you still want to torture yourself anyway after all of the previous forewarning, be my guest and press play below. 

Nas feat. Keri Hilson: "Hero"

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    If anyone can let me know who Polows ghost producer(s) is you'll be forever in my debt.

  2. Mami, I am proud of you:) it took a while but you have finally seen the light.

  3. Slow it down, stoney.
    I said the song was wack, not the whole album. I won't be able to rock out to that until its release which I'm sure you won't be buying 😉

  4. Show of hands many albums do you remember that had a wack lead single backed up by a slamming album? I rest my case Mami:) as for slowing down..In the immortal words of Puffy.."cant stop wont stop" takethat,takethat:)

  5. Yo! Mami go peep your favorite "nig..I mean MC's" new joint called "Fried Chicken"
    What's the B-side? "Watermelon loving coon" ?

  6. Actually stoney, "Fried Chicken" is a pretty dope song. if you would have listened to it and paid attention, you would know that Nas' verse is about the love/hate relationship Black folks have with the soul food which wrecks havoc on our health: diabetes, obesity, heart disease, etc.
    Since I now have real work to do, I will let you have the last word, since that is what you seem so intent upon needing to do.

  7. *sigh*....really dissapointed.

  8. Uh, I think this song cranks.
    Very anthemic, sticks to the theme of the first two songs, even while being a complimentary piece to "Black President" (at least in the chours).
    And that "Fried Chicken" song is great too. The only song I've heard from this upcoming album that I DIDN'T feel a lot is the "Be A Nigger Too," and that's mainly because of the beat.

  9. I hope I ain't out of pocket here, but I halfway expect Young Jeezy to break out and start rapping at any minute listening to this. Ugh.

  10. Thia ia goood shit. stop hating. listen to the lyrics the 2 and 3rd verses are hip hop quotables. I can see someone not liking the chorus but the lyrics are crazy. these same haters on here love hyptotized when this is just as good and better lyricaly(opinion).

  11. @mutada
    That would be Apple's "Garageband". See usher's "Love In This Club

  12. Ill Mami your comment is wack as hell. Stop haitin' and go scream in front of lil wayne if it's that you want . Old times groupy.

  13. Bishop:
    Too bad your comment is about one week too late.
    And BTW, the next time you want to try to insult me be more clear about whatever the hell you're referring to, e.g. how did Lil Wayne get into this?
    Better luck trying to dis me next time!

  14. ill mami.. you lost all my respect. the beat isn't so much my style either but nas RIPS that shit up! especially that last verse..